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    1. Dewayne says:

      The caller identified himself as Kelvin Mooris from Fast Track Auto Loan. He claims that I applied for an auto loan three weeks ago and is calling to verify my information. I did not apply for an auto loan! He has called at least twice a day for the last week. I have asked him to stop calling and to take me off the list because I am registered with the do not call registry, but he says he will continue to call and that he can keep calling me. I would not provide him with my information and althouh he claimed to have my name and social security number, he would not tell me what it was. This is a scam and needs to be stoped. I have filed an official complaint and I urge everyone else to do the same. To say the least this is highly annoying! I'm not stupid enough to give out my information.

    2. Freddy says:

      they call and call and don't leave messages

    3. Raymond says:

      Call 2 to 3 times a day answer but no one talks or leave a message

    4. Fernando says:

      Fake LIL Boi. Needs 2grow up

    5. Rocky says:

      The man on the line asked me my name (I could hear many other callers in the background). Then he told me that legal action was about to be taken against me, and that I may be picked up tomorrow at my work and arrested. He could not tell me specifically what the name of the company was who I owed money to, or a website name for the company. So, I told the guy I did not trust him, and I hung up the phone.

    6. Courtney says:

      Recieved this call and I know no one in that area----a "no name" ID showed up and I didn't bother to call back.   Yes, red flag for a scam.

    7. Jessie says:

      This is a man. Not a female. Sends random texts trying to generate conversation.

    8. Robert says:

      one text that said "Happy Bonus day!!! Enjoy!!!"

    9. Riley says:

      They calls and hung up when I calls back they say they didn't call Mr

    10. Brendan says:

      Just one call. Rang once, have no idea who they were.

    11. Alfredo says:

      recorded message about updating google listing

    12. Rafael says:

      sent risky link to infected website

    13. Manual says:

      I didn't get a call from this number, but did get one from 303-931-6152. Actually a text stating the same message.

    14. Micah says:

      Called my cell and my home phone

    15. Paul says:

      I requested to be put on the Do Not Call list