610-475 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 610-475-4900
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  • 610-475-4902
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  • 610-475-4905
  • 610-475-4906
  • 610-475-4907
  • 610-475-4908
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    1. Vernon says:

      i called them back on a work phone with a nonwkring extension. they are College One. You press 1 to opt out of the call list and then they ask you for your phone number and press the # sign. i just did it, hope it works!

    2. Charlie says:

      Spam text that says "Need some MONEY for bills and expenses? You can get up to $1500 tomorrow! It's easy! just visit WWW.VIPsafeCash.COM (Reply NO to cancel"

    3. Leonel says:

      I did'nt listen to the automated message long enough to find out..

    4. David says:

      They said they hid the body. No joke

    5. Chad says:

      i got a text from this saying that i won $1.2mil USD and that i should email the company?? i don't know whether it is a scam or not.

    6. Avery says:

      message left was, "This is the 4th answering machine we have gotten tonight" then they hung up

    7. Johnathon says:

      SPAM!!! Trunk number for multiple spammers ... Block immediately!!! ...

    8. Ian says:

      Well, I see these jack***es are still at it.  Geeze, I only wish everyone they call would do a little research because if they did - this so called company would be out of business in no time flat!!  Talk about unethical and just plain low down. They called my sister and we immediately found all this info about this scamming organization.  She can't wait until they call back - does she have an earful for them!

    9. Jorge says:

      This guy has never met me, just started calling one day out of the blue and refuses to stop. TOTAL PSYCHO. Has been calling nonstop for 3 months, morning noon and night. If I answer, he just pretends he got a wrong number, but he's obviously an insanely obsessed stalker.Ladies, if you get a call from this number, be very afraid, change your number, and carry a gun

    10. Seth says:

      They said they find u jobs

    11. Franklin says:

      repeat calls and no one tslks

    12. Dave says:

      yes  there  is  a  guy  his  name  is  roosvelt  very

    13. Hayden says:

      He said that his name was steve and that he knew me.

    14. Vincenzo says:

      Last time I tried to "0" out and ask to be taken off their call list. The girl replied with "Bite me." And hung up. Ahh...good old fashioned customer service.

    15. Michale says:

      This man is a scam artist and ruins you and your credit and ribs u blind!