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    1. Fred says:

      I called the 248-721-4570 number back from my work phone because the caller ID shows a number when called, says it is a non working number (I didn't want them to know I was calling them back). I got a recording that said they are TD Auto Finance. They call me four times per day (at least). If I answer, they don't say anything. If I don't answer, they don't leave a message. My daughter has a car loan through them, and I have told them before not to call me. I have nothing to do with her loan, but they continue to harass me anyway.

    2. Emmitt says:

      they keep calling, no one on the line, but i am on the do not call list! who are these people? how do i amke them stop ?

    3. Ty says:

      This is so annoying, irritating!

    4. Henry says:

      Don't know #. Comes up as spam.

    5. Lorenzo says:

      this person is a stalker , got my number and now knows my entire life story , he's been stalking me for weeks !! be very careful with this person , he is dangerous !

    6. Seth says:

      I called them back from an unregistered prepaid phone. No answer.

    7. Sherman says:

      Received a call for the person who had the phone number previous to us. Not a big deal. He was nice and said he'd update his information.

    8. Johnson says:

      This company called my Mom and told her they would help clear away her debt so that she will not leave it for her children to have to deal with.

    9. Robbie says:

      I tried calling this number to ask "Ricky" some questions but it just rang and rang.  Next time you talk to him, tell him to call your attorney at (310) 477-6565.  That will put him in touch with the FBI Field Office in Los Angeles.  I'm sure they will enjoy a call from a middle eastern-sounding man who suddenly doesn't want to talk when he realizes who he called.

    10. Calvin says:

      Recorded call selling home security system from GE. They keep calling.

    11. Orval says:

      This person has been calling me for days.

    12. Brendon says:

      I have gotten 2 calls from this # and they do not leave a message. If I don't know the callers I do not answer so they better leave a message.

    13. Will says:

      They just keep falling and won't stop!

    14. Renaldo says:

      Hey Pamela, not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But www.smoke11.com is giving away free e-cig trials. - Mike

    15. Cornell says:

      Claims to be verizon. Outright fraud. Will report to authorities.