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    1. Otis says:

      Calls everyday but no message

    2. Adalberto says:

      Please do not pick up the phone if you see this number (302) 394-9576 it is spam people, they try to call 10 times a day but i am very tier off it.

    3. Dalton says:

      This person threatened me after I asked him to remove me from his calling list.

    4. Lenard says:

      Just like everyone else these Law Breakers call here Unsolicited all the time. Today was Different, I tooka Stand for My Privacy Rights. Since these A-Holes don't Respect My Privacy then I Declare War onThem All. It's Time For Us All To Take A Brave Stand. From now on when they call, They will be theVictim. They are out for the Cussing of their Life Just like I did this last guy. Since they are Breaking theLaw by calling us on the Do Not Call List then they are Mine for what ever comes out of my mouth andI'll assure you it isn't Nice. Take a Stand with me and lets Attack these Law Breakers for Violating ourPrivacy. I even bought a Whistle to Blow in their Ears. Works Great for those who don't want to Cuss.Take A Stand For Your Rights and Give Um Hell!Spammers Name and Number: PHONE SERVICE - 253-382-9098

    5. Abe says:

      says they're DMV and then say that I am paying too much for insurance, according to my drivers license.

    6. Jamey says:

      Someone from (270) 601-4234 keeps calling me and hanging up! Very DISRESPECTFUL!!!! DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN!!!

    7. Boris says:

      tcf bank this is collections

    8. Mauricio says:

      BEWARE OF CON ARTIST: I also met this man on Match.com going by the name of Daniel Bill Brooke saying he's from Felton, GA. We also chatted on yahoo messenger with address fundadd48@yahoo.com. He says he's on business in the Ukraine with his son, Michael, on a business trip. We chatted a few days then I gave him my digits. He called from this number but says it's a cell phone. It's actually a Magic Jack number. After talking for several days he now tells me he has a $500,000.00 check that he cannot cash. Wanted me to send him money to fly them home. Beware because he is a smooth talker and the pictures he sends of "supposedly" him and his son are gorgeous and it would be easy to believe him if you were lonely or naive.

    9. Denver says:

      i got a call from this number today at 6am... just silence... very anoying...

    10. Jamey says:

      These people are calling and I have the sae complaints as the others. Also I am on the no call list as well. How do we get this company to stop? It's annoying.

    11. Jeff says:

      Scam telling me to go to prizebestbuy.com, enter a code, and claim a $1000 gift card.

    12. Rusty says:

      he is A thef,t lair,&he is very nasty

    13. Jeremiah says:

      A telemarketer for air duct cleaning

    14. Bernardo says:

      It was a collection agency looking for somebody no one in my family knows.

    15. Blair says:

      if you have looked into working from home at all recently, that is where I believe this is originating