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    1. Hank says:

      I didn't realize they were allowed to call on Sundays.  Disgusting

    2. Sal says:

      A person telling me I have to have a license to run my computer and that I needed to sent $249.00

    3. Lawrence says:

      on the caller id the name is julio chud but he say's his name is Emanuel.He has been calling for 1 week and sending nasty text mesg.He speaks spanish and english and talks sexuall things.Ive contacted the police and they have no way of making him stop unless i change my phone # which ive had for 6 years.Ive never had such a problem.

    4. Garfield says:

      Spontaneous text messages

    5. Dean says:

      I hav gotten three phone call stating the samething he tells me the last 4 numbers on my SS# and my name. First number was 209-780-4548, second was Mark Johnson 501-545-8942, Last was John Tompkin 408-905-2044 all told me I or my lawer needed to call them back or GOOD LUCK!!! I did report it to the POLICE.

    6. Sanford says:

      They hung up. When checking # on the US Search reverse phone lookup, 2 things happened: 1) Others reported it as being scam artists who said you "won something" or "telemarketers that hang up on you", 2) The # came up as an invalid phone number, although I rechecked what I had typed in & there were comments about that exact same number!

    7. Boris says:

      A male caller with an accent left a voice mail saying that I won a large cashier's check and a Mercedes. I didn't enter any contests, so I know this is a scam. I'm not going to return the call.

    8. Jonas says:

      several calls that call and hang up...cannot call back

    9. Darron says:

      no one on the other end of the call when I answered

    10. Mitchel says:

      Someone pretending to be a loan company

    11. Laurence says:

      I guess we can all assume that your post is an effort to validate your endeavors. Especially since you decided to post it here at the top of all the complaints. It says you're fully compliant with federal regulations, so I don't see why you'd have any objections to my stating the following;

    12. Gerardo says:

      We have received ~ 10 calls from these clowns. No messages left on VM. He/she/it/they call several times each day now for a few days. I have called and reported him/her/it/them each time to the DO NOT CALL office for KS.

    13. Ramon says:

      Ok ,I also have received two different calls from this same #. Has anyone tried to call back this  unknown caller back? I could do it,but have not yet. But is there anyone who has? It could be a collection agencie. So im gone now,but im going to try and call. But If anyone hears something

    14. Carol says:

      I have received 3-4 phone calls from Rachel at cardmemeber services a day. I have "pushed 3" since I don't want to receive any further calls.

    15. Manuel says:

      i got a text from this number and they was just saying and who not tell me who they wasi know its a chick