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    1. Oscar says:

      Keep receiving calls from this phone number (209-809-8278).  No answer on the other line.  Have received about 4 calls today. Don't know who it is, but noticed a lot of complaints from people regarding the same thing when I went on line to try and identify the caller.

    2. Harry says:

      Text msg saying I won a free $1000 Target gift card, Ya right!

    3. Elvis says:

      Bill collector or some crap

    4. Teddy says:

      Best Buy $1000 gift card? What a scam.

    5. Jarred says:


    6. Gilbert says:

      this person talk bout kill me

    7. Gonzalo says:

      sent some site called celldate.com

    8. Thanh says:

      Bad business oppurtunity. Do not answer.

    9. Jude says:

      this number needs to be blocked now.

    10. Mary says:

      I got calls constantly (several times a day) and didn't answer.  I got so frustrated that I finally answered (a bit rudely, I might add), after a long hesitation, he asked for Bill.  I blasted him and he hung up.  Prisoner calling for kicks?  A telemarketer paid for # of outgoing calls made (even if he doesn't speak to anyone)?  Trying to steal money via a scam? Or, just a sicko? Hope he gets caught and they make him listen to a ringing phone 24/7 - that'll fix him!

    11. Monte says:

      This number called this morning telling me I was entitled to medical compensation due to the surgery I recently had. He said in very bad Indianese English that it was a bladder lift surgery... I had a hip replacement and nothing is wrong with my bladder. Then he started asking me if I knew anyone who has taken birth control pills in the past year. I asked him how that had anything to do with my health since I am a man. That's when I hung up on him after telling him I was not interested.

    12. Tyler says:

      Spamming out bit.ly links on weight loss. Serious spam number user id 58079

    13. Brain says:

      A woman called and spoke in Spanish telling me she was from a telephone company. She told me she was having trouble hearing me. Could I hear her? Yes, I said. Then she asked if she could have a moment of my time. After I said yes, the line went dead. Now I'm wondering if she just needed me to say yes to whatever question to get me to sign up for something... guess I need to stop being so agreeable.

    14. Jonathan says:

      don't let this number get through

    15. Edwin says:

      Contact your local sheriff department and let them know everything they say and give the number. It is a fraud. They told me I was being charged with federal banking fraud and I had to appear to court on memorial day and was aa agitated when I told him to send my paperwork I hung up and called the authorities. They even impersonated a deputy on the phone. Ignore any further calls from them.