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    1. Bruce says:

      Recording that I won a trip...press one...I thought I was on a no-call list.

    2. Tyler says:

      This party called my office number then cell phone as if it were urgent, but left no message.  Typically those who create the greatest urgency have the least value.

    3. Brooks says:

      I also have recieved calls from this person.  MTS security has advised compiling a list of dates and times called for 2 weeks and then reporting it to police.

    4. Emery says:

      they call all the time, rings once, hang up.

    5. Corey says:

      Don't know anyone in maine

    6. Ezequiel says:

      got several calls from this # when called back busy signal... called several times a day at least once a week

    7. Jefferey says:

      Two missed calls from them yesterday (Friday) and another missed call from a different number, also in Birmingham.

    8. Kris says:

      have had this number for only about a week on an att go phone and this number repeatedly keeps sending me messages via sms about every three hours. Only message is "contact me asap!". The name williamsmatheny comes up before the message too. It is very annoying and I have tried to get whoever it is to stop but with no luck.

    9. Garland says:

      this was a robo call that started before voice mail picked up at recording stage. did not hear message, do not know who oc consultants are, and the number listed is not a working number

    10. Bart says:

      Getting numerous calls even though on the DO NOT CALL LIST. Sometimes no one even speaks when answered.

    11. Hugh says:

      This number keeps faxing to me.

    12. Dudley says:

      I have gotten calls from this number several time every night for the past several weeks. When I call it back it says it is the "VIP Preferred Customer Line" For Suntrup Ford, Westport in St. Louis County.I didn't wait for an operator to pick it up.

    13. Emilio says:

      Voice of a female..unreadable, short and then static.....

    14. Emmitt says:

      This number has called 7 times in the last two weeks.  I finally answered it a week ago.  They asked for my mother by name.  I told them she had died over a year ago and asked them to remove her name and number from their call list.  They called again the next day.  I didn't answer it.  Four days later they called again and I answered it.  The guy asked for my Mom again by name.  I told him that she had died over a year ago and again asked that they remove her name from their call list.  The guy said sarcastically, "Thanks for your time." and hung up.  If this is a legitimate call from a police organization looking for money, they would have better luck getting donations if they used kinder and gentler solicitors.

    15. Leigh says:

      Two calls 12/6/2010 - Inaudible noise.