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    1. Tory says:

      this guy is a scammer who trys to pass bad check from africa

    2. Clay says:

      I get the same thing: random beeps in my voicemail. Finally blocked the number.

    3. Junior says:

      I got a text saying I won last months entry and click the link for my 1200.00 best buy gift card. I never click links bc I know it's spam.

    4. Aaron says:

      received call at 1010, didnt pick up. spammers

    5. Sylvester says:

      They called and left a voice message with nothing on it. I dont know who they are....

    6. Kip says:

      You are right.  Telesight is obviously the hired "help" for multiple companies.  In my case, it was A&E Service that came to repair an LG washer and dryer.  A&E functions as the repair company for Sears in my area.  Wish I had been given a card to answer survey questions.  I would have given them an earful, as well as comments about Telesight itself.  Apparently they are trying to run off customers with this obnoxious approach.  Who doesn't enjoy receiving call after call from the same company with no messages?

    7. Lazaro says:

      I keep getting a call from this number, a man leaves a message saying he is Patrick Martin and says its about a legal case against me, but won't state what exactly it is about it.  He asked that I call him back, so I do and I always get someone else, they take a message, I told them to have him call me and that I want all the details of what this is about.  He calls and still says the same thing, and this man has a foreign accent, hard to understand him, and says that I committed a crime.  How could I have committed a crime in Seattle, WA.  I live in NY.

    8. Edwin says:

      Yes , no message then i called back and it says "You have reached Law Centric, you may press 3 to remove yourself from this list at anytime" and thats it

    9. Darrick says:

      Same story, says she's calling for the disabled Police Officers. Told her I was a diabled officer. She hung up. Now the phone rings everynight and there's nobody on it. Same number.

    10. Dino says:

      Keep getting calls but no one on the other line - sometimes after a few seconds a female voice says

    11. Ulysses says:

      Blocked Text. Spam!Direct language: "If you or someone you know has taken the drug Yaz, Yazmin or Ocella and had health problems go to yazrelief.com for Financial Compensation"

    12. Stewart says:

      ebay collections every day 8:30 am syart of harrassment

    13. Cecil says:

      They call licensed Realtors for advertising purposes.

    14. Merle says:

      Got a call from this number. It hung up as soon as I answered. I tried to call it back multiple times and it rings once and hangs up every time. Instead of "dropped call" my phone displays "call canceled".

    15. Agustin says:

      I do not.answer this call