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    1. Sergio says:

      The name is not available on caller ID and when I try to call the number back it does not connect

    2. Dave says:

      This number keeps calling me at work.  They don't leave a message when I'm here and they hang up when I answer.

    3. Junior says:

      Received a text from this number, saying Hey!. Not sure who it is.

    4. Reid says:

      It's a scammm they took$300 dollars from me Indian b*****ds

    5. Rocky says:

      Got a text message saying "Hello and my name", the message didn't say anything else. I did not respond

    6. Antwan says:

      Someone named tajamul miah from paterson nj. A weirdo leaves weird incomprehensable messages

    7. Merlin says:

      Asian woman contacted me - asked about completing a survey for obesity and other illness (cancer, aids) and food distribution programs and health food questionnaire - and government involvement to stop this.  On the initial appearance / the questionaire appears legimate.  But @ the end of the conversation - there requesting personal information from caller to mail a check for cell phone usage:

    8. Ron says:

      Did u ever figure out this nbr?

    9. Rick says:

      Since 3/7/11m I can't get a problem resolved. I have spent 3 hrs on the phone, put on hold for an mgr. 45 minutes later, a dial tone. Then calls from this # they want start all over with issue I've had, charging me & another CC holder for the same res and they won't help to fix. they don't understand that I have not been charged 2X, they charged 2 different CC holders for the same res. I've called a local # try and it rolls to a # in India, I've been told a mgr would call me, no mgr has EVER called. the hotels rates are cheaper than Expedia. It's a major chain? The rate w/ Expedia $89. tell you the rate is limited. The hotel's rate, w/b-fast $74.99. I've even tried to contact the Pres expedia. I have never heard back. Taking advantage of customers. Why they employee American's that might know what the're doing? I thought Expedia was an American Company? I'll never use them again nor will I allow anyone in my company to use Expedia.com/India.

    10. Rocky says:

      I got a call from them 3 times in the last day.

    11. Frederic says:

      I sometimes get 2 or 3 calls a day. I have even taken to pressing 1 and blowing a whisle in their ear, pressing 3 I don't know how many times. I will keep blowing the whisle and may hurt their ears.

    12. Coy says:

      They said that we had won some kind of prize.....scam artists and liars.  Do not answer

    13. Aubrey says:

      They would not stop calling. They harass you continuously despite you telling them to.

    14. Anthony says:

      I got one of these too - I never answer any call I don't recognize.

    15. Byron says:

      calls several times a day, no message. looked it up and ppl r saying its a phishing scam.