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    1. Kristopher says:

      calling my cell.  no message, no ID

    2. Timothy says:

      Have a very important matter to talk about and I am wallace Fraizer and another occasion the person left the name Jessica

    3. Colby says:

      Dont see a rapist he will try to rob u

    4. Darnell says:

      Covent credit...said nothing bc I blocked them. Looking for someone I don't know and the call from different numbers everyday

    5. Sydney says:

      I'm begging you  from one human being to another, Mr Emil to please stop calling here 6 times A  day 5 days a week. I know you are trying to earn a living but I need peace and quiet because i'm very ill  I CAN'T afford the extra phone features. Please Emil No M ore.

    6. Chad says:

      They have called several times with out leaving a message on the answering machine. It is quite annoying

    7. Andrea says:

      trying to get you to give them money in return for start up materials for a home based business

    8. Cyril says:

      I have lost my cellular phone and I pulled up my account and this number has been dialed from my phone.

    9. Lou says:

      i got a call from this number and there was no answer, so i googled it to see who it was, out of curiosity. but i dont understand you people. their just doing their job and yet you people act like their trying to hurt you.  all you have to tell them is your not interested, or just hang up if theres no one there when you answer, thats what i did. its not the end of the world.

    10. Clemente says:

      Did you find out who that was? BTW, I too got a call from this number.

    11. Trey says:

      Just call 307-223-0458, this service process do not call requests to a small number of companies and this is one of the them.

    12. Hoyt says:

      This is a gay dating agency owned and operated by HIV positive gay males. They actively promote unprotected anal intercourse among men.

    13. Patrick says:


    14. Chong says:

      American Homeless Veterans - SPAM - Asked to be removed and they hung up on me or continued to try to sell me something. Rude and arrogant people. I reported to the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. This should be illegal.

    15. Chuck says:

      Rude cheap and impatient. Insults you and sends messages to harass you.