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    1. Troy says:

      this girl is crazy and ugly and needs to stop txting me

    2. Mickey says:

      This was from whoever is doing getting donations for Barack Obama.

    3. Eldridge says:

      Guy named Doug Goldberg repeatedly calls here looking for the owner. Does anyone know where we can report this company for fraud?

    4. Cliff says:

      like everyone else says, no one answers.

    5. Dirk says:

      My wife inquired about a personal assistant position and sent him her resume. He sent her a form to fill out and without her filling it out or him telling her what he did for an occupation or what his website was he said he was sending a cashiers check. She told him she wasn't comfortable moving forward until she knew more about the position and him and it got very strange. He started chatting with her on Gchat (gmail) and saying he was not happy with her service. She asked him to never contact her again.What is the deal with this guy? Does anyone know?

    6. Gregory says:

      I don't know who it was, but the were asking me about a paint job on a car. The call wasn't clear.

    7. Norris says:

      Trying phish for information by claiming you win an iPad

    8. Neal says:

      Credit card deduction crap

    9. Theodore says:

      charge off has nothing to do on whether or not you owe a debt. Yes they recover a PORTION of their money through taxes, not all of it. You are right they cannot garnish SSI, but if they get a

    10. Oren says:

      It is a scam Helen.. they prey on your fear.. check the forums on this site to see pages of notes.. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO!!!

    11. Broderick says:

      I got one a few minutes ago, but didn't pick up and no message left.  Who was the caller and what was the subject matter?

    12. Sol says:

      I got the same exact email twice from the ads I posted on craigslist.  I do think the Feds will be real interest.

    13. Reyes says:

      received call from this number stating they were looking for my neighbor - told them I thought they were creepy and hung up

    14. Erik says:

      Numerous calls and texts from whoever cost money what good is do not call list

    15. Eli says:

      Scam artist and should be put in jail. Don't reply to a spam text because doing so will add a charge per month to your phone. It could be as little as 1 dollar per month to 10 dollars per month.