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    1. Emery says:

      Somos una pareja y un bebé y también hemos recibido llamadas repetidas con un tono muy agresivo e insultante. Como podéis entender éste desalmado despierta continuamente a nuestro bebé de 14 meses. Nos encontramos impotentes y la única vía puede ser la denuncia policial que haremos. Os animamos a que también denuncien y sería bueno que apareciera ésta noticia en algún medio de comunicación.

    2. Bryce says:

      Recording saying that I am past due on a credit card. But I don't own one.

    3. Sylvester says:

      Telemarketer that don't comply with state and federal law aka Jerks.

    4. Sidney says:

      she is burning an has baby daddy issues be careful she will have you set up

    5. Lamont says:

      They leave a number and a referance number but when i call it bk it doesnt even say what company there from

    6. Will says:

      Said I won a $1000 Best Buy card

    7. Bradford says:

      Robo caller, sending text messages for unrequested loans

    8. Joesph says:

      I received a call this morning at 4:04 A.M. Since it woke me up, I assumed it was someone wanting to pester me. I did see comment this was from 911 dispatching. Investigate please!

    9. Kieth says:

      I received a call yesterday and again this morning from "Loan Mediation" stating I owe for a $500 loan taken out in 2010 from "My Cash Now". I called the loan company and found out I have never taken out a loan with them. I told the representative from "Loan Mediation" that called today that I have never had a loan with them and that I know this is a fraud call and asked that they never call me again...

    10. Noble says:

      Unknown caller muliptle times! So annoying. Called back and no answer!

    11. Lindsay says:

      text--dont know who they arae

    12. Timmy says:

      I recieved a phone call to do business with them. I am in the solar industry. They are looking for info in buying product.They are still trying to get me to give them price and availability. The man says his name is Ron Phillips Alan. I am trying to figure if this is a scam. This is not the first time.

    13. Rigoberto says:

      Black lady keeps calling me asking me who i am & why i keep calling her....ughhhh....i dont even know her && she STILL bugs me everyday !

    14. Marco says:

      I have received calls from this number. The caller ID says Lockhart, TX, but that is not possible since the area code indicated is from my area. That was my first clue that whoever was calling was not on the up and up. If you have legitimate business with someone, you are not going to try to be deceptive with your phone number. It is really irritating because I am on the Do Not Call registry and I know the numbers to the companies that I do business with.

    15. Kevin says:

      this person call me it show i miss the call i try to text to see who it was it did not work i try to call it it was the mailbox was full can't take message right now