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    1. Adolph says:

      Got 2 calls from this "number" today (according to FiOS callerID).  One time they asked for "Mr. Davis" or something so I said they had wrong number.  Second time was 2 hours later and they just hung up.  I'll make sure to not use for my energy needs.

    2. Arnoldo says:

      All current & further calls will hereby be blocked. All current & further texts will hereby be blocked also without being read. Thank u and be blessed.

    3. Federico says:

      I am responding to you because your name is the same as my late mother's. I received two calls earlier from this number. No messages were left. On the basis of other postings here, I blocked the number, and will not even hear my phone ring if anyone calls from this number. This is not the first time that NCO has called. They have called from previous numbers. When I tried to get information from them pretaining to the nature of their so-called urgent business, they would ask for the account number they issued. When I told them I had no such number, they got really rude and hung up. I don't have to stand for that nonsense from ANYONE!!!, and you shouldn't have to either.

    4. Melvin says:

      Called right after midnight...have no clue who this is!

    5. Carter says:

      SOWV is the Special Olympics of West Virginia they called me wanting a donation

    6. Franklyn says:

      I received a text message from this number: "You Have: 1 unread message from your secret crush. Reply YES to get ur crush's name now! 9.99 usd Reply YES now!! mssg data rates apply."

    7. Shon says:

      some sort online schooling that keeps calling even after being told you want to be removed from their call list.

    8. Clarence says:

      we are getting 4 or 5 calls from this number at 7am every morning and it is just a fax. they all come us as different numbers, but always right after each other

    9. Shad says:

      Caller called me and kept asking me personal questions.

    10. Shon says:

      I just got this text on 12.6.2012: "hey... a friend of mine gave me ur num :) Said you were hot. lol! Add me on skype if you wanna chat" velvet_twizzler

    11. Jeffry says:

      They have phoned several times and have left no message.

    12. Mitchell says:

      Do not call my cell number.

    13. Derrick says:

      Got the cruise ship horn - I hung up

    14. Ronnie says:

      haraaser from work micheal a TRICk

    15. Russ says:

      Answered it right away, it hung up and got a busy signal when called it back.