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    1. Williams says:

      this number just called and an automated voice left a 877 number which half of it you could barely understand... i called this 213 261 0233 number back and the number is not in service!!!

    2. Martin says:

      Called cel phone...said "this is Jay" and left number

    3. Hank says:

      Offering a Health Insurance Quote

    4. Odell says:

      called and put the phone down.Obviously he has done this to others also. hence spam

    5. Lenny says:

      never reply, never answer

    6. Doyle says:

      SPAM::: I called back the number and a salesman's voice recording answered soliciting his shading business.

    7. Leandro says:

      Called twice without leaving message , did not reply to text message when asked who it was? Maybe a prank call or wrong number?

    8. Martin says:

      Don't know the name of the company, but they were talking about cleaning your credit to buy house.

    9. Milton says:

      Please dont call my boyfriend,we are in Ecuador try to forgot my boyfriend. maybe you know in Swisshotel true or false.

    10. Deandre says:

      I just received a call from this # and answered it..all I got was dead air. After reading the comments, i won't bother calling back or answering again!

    11. Sung says:

      don't know who the hell this person is

    12. Alva says:

      I just had a text come threw that only said 'whos dis'

    13. Harrison says:

      Called way to much and there really rude

    14. Donn says:

      Wow, I got the same call from the exact same number (105-256-9594) today (Oct 8th 2010). A lady with an Indian accent said she was calling from the "do not call" list and wanted to verify that I wanted to stay on that list. I said of course i wanted to stay on the do not call list, so she said she'll call back with a "code", and hung up. i then got an automated message giving me a 5-digit code for CRAIGSLIST! the message said I should disregard if I didn't request from Criagslist. the Indian lady then calls me back asking for the code. I asked her why the message said it was from Criagslist. she said they use a Craigslist server as their backend! all this started to look highly suspicious, so i said i don't know who you are or anything about you, and you're calling me out of the blue - i need to do some research and call u back. she then gave me a full name, employee id, and said i could go to fcc.gov to verify that the fcc is calling everyone on the do-not-call list! she said she was indian but worked for the fcc. i then said i still need to do some research on this and i'll call her back if i needed to, and hung up. she was quite persistent though, at one point snickering that i even suspected her to be a scammer! she sounded quite innocent over the phone.

    15. Joe says:

      I answered and the woman said she was calling for Art News Magazine and insurance . I said we are on the no-call list and she was invading my privacy. She laughed, said she was not invading my privacy, swore at me and the hung up. I have reported it to the FCC.