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    1. Herschel says:

      I do not want any calls or texts from this number

    2. Shaun says:


    3. Hipolito says:

      Received a text message about doing taxes and getting $100.Since I didn't ask for it and I didn't sign up for it I'm calling this spam.

    4. Ike says:

      SPAM "falling insurance" telemarketer.

    5. Vince says:

      Got a call, left no message. Looked it up and it came up as a company from Tuskeegee Alabama called "Annie R. Floyd"???

    6. Felton says:

      Accidentally answered thinking it was a local contractor returning my call, and heard a live person asking for my wife.  When I asked what this was in reference to, she said "we're offering a special promotion on a wireless home security system." I said no thanks, we're not interested.  On my call log, I noticed that they called me four days ago, so if I receive one more call from them, they get six months on my blocked list.

    7. Deshawn says:

      I did not receive any calls but I did call it. The guy is living in Africa and I met him on face book last year but now he has a new picture he is using with his face book and has this phone no. listed on it so I called and sure enough that is the same voice that haunted me forever. He is a scammer and yes I fell for it. He got a lot of money out of this 50 year old widow! Lucinda

    8. Ivory says:

      Vaughn horrible person is a rapist. He lives in Sedgewick Station apartments ladies watch urself

    9. Sherman says:

      Watch out for the a***s about the seven thousand dallars from the government. They are pricks. You know what they say, what comes around goes around. They will regret it one day. We all need to get the news to warn people about this.

    10. Nicolas says:

      I cancalled my account 2 months ago but lost my phone and got new one, I cant unistall and I keep getting charged every month how can I stop this problem

    11. Erasmo says:

      A lady askn for me to pay 300 to recieve 7000 frm a goverment grant

    12. Monty says:

      Called 3 times this past 3 days. No answer.. Spam ...

    13. Leroy says:

      they called trying to act like they were my car dealer, wanting me to add the extended warranty. I told them I have the extended warranty... then they just hung up!

    14. Levi says:

      Received a phone call from this number stating civil and criminal case against x husband, 8/9/10 to be held in Licking County fishing for phone number of x - don't believe this is legit.

    15. Hal says:

      They called and didn’t leave a message.