601-618 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Herschel says:

      Three calls in 2 days. I'm deaf and text only, so when I receive a regular ringing call, I know they don't know me.

    2. Harvey says:

      This company tracked me down somehow, told me that a distant relative of mine had won the lottery in Ireland, but unfortunately passed away before he/she could cash in the ticket. I was told that since I was listed as a beneficiary in this person's will, I was in line to pocket 36,000,000 euro ( minus taxes and such, of course). This excited me to no end, because things have been tight here in California. I was able to cash out one of my CD's at the bank to come up with the $2,500 processing fee. All I had to then was give them my SSN, Driver's license, credit card number and bank account # so they could verify my identity. Now I'm just waiting for my check. Don't get me wrong, I am sad that a relative died -sadder still that I never knew I had relatives in Ireland (I am Kenyan) But I really need the money. I'm so glad there are companies out there looking after the little people.

    3. Dustin says:

      I just got the same thing two seperate phone calls no message left. The second call at 8:45pm :(

    4. Jerold says:

      I just got a call, but I picked it up and when no one said anything for two seconds I hung up figuring it to be a telemarketer.  I buy websites all the time and do web work myself, so thanks to all above for this info.  I have no need for their services and won't answer again.

    5. Javier says:

      1-125-338-2907 are both listed by my call blocker service as a "not valid number," therefore is one which cannot be blocked.  I suspect that this is from a scammer of one type or another.  Do not answer any calls from this number!

    6. Rosario says:

      Roger with WSG Tech who had a strong accent called telling me that my computer had a lot of errors.

    7. Marcus says:

      They keep calling and leaving no message on the answering machine. They call several times a day. Very annoying

    8. Joesph says:

      I do not answer it I just want to know who they are

    9. Fletcher says:

      Mike, thanks for the tip....I've just made my own sh*t list and put them on the no ring!!!!

    10. Leonel says:

      Randomly calls and hangs up

    11. Kenneth says:


    12. Jake says:

      I doubt they are reading this...................

    13. Lenard says:

      These people keep calling my work and not giving nemone information they ask for me and then when the receptionist says im not here they then ask for my boss this is fishy then they left fake court documents at my grandparents where i do not live nor have i ever lived there and this is weird as to why they are calling me. fake phony people Mike lowry!

    14. Emerson says:

      this number called me twice, early in the morning, and someone is either on the other end, and I hear other people talking, like in telemarketing/call center, or they hang up. It's a guy, who sounds foreign. I tried calling them back, but I get a busy signal so I stopped. I have not received any other calls since, but want to alert others in case this could be a scam.

    15. Lester says:

      Just received call from above number. Did not recognize area code did not answer.