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    1. Murray says:

      Its your carriers "page" feature, if you dont answer a call, they can choose to leave a message or "page"you, if they do you get a text from that number.

    2. Brent says:

      This caller is a bill collector in partnership with the US treasury. They will call and tell you that you will be federaly cut from all money that the govt is providing you. Just ignore them and never answer their phone. They have no power and cant do anything.

    3. Keven says:

      call all the time, they either hang up or leave a stupid drug message??? Can't they just go away! I am also on the DNC list. Does a lot of good.

    4. Gerardo says:

      I got a text last night at around 10:45 - 10:50, just saying "Hey" I might have known them at one point in time, but I also must of had a reason to delete their number

    5. Josue says:

      They said nothing. Just said "goodbye" and hung up.

    6. Dominique says:

      I have a question did you send them money , because I did I'm hoping this place is good because I just gave my last

    7. Robt says:

      Had calls from the number about lowering your credit card rates.  Suspect scam.

    8. Byron says:

      They have been calling every day, no message. Who are they??

    9. Jackson says:

      2 today on personal cell phone. I did not answer.

    10. Willard says:

      Robo calls claiming to "reduce your credit card interest rate".

    11. Jerry says:

      I received the same person calling me from this number BUT they said they were in the Automotive business, and gave me their business name, that does not exist. I assume its a total scam... a fishing expedition of sorts.

    12. Jonathan says:

      we keep receiving texts that say "lazy brown cow" and "i hate you"

    13. Olen says:

      A text message stating "hey" from this number was sent to my phone. When I replied "who is this?" No one responded. I called the number and a message stating that the subscriber from Google global voice was unavailable.

    14. Jacques says:

      I just got a call from 209 623 4682 and did not answer since its an unknown number....i then checked my voicemail and there was a message from an "Officer Angela Hernandez" LMAO....i live in california so you better believe i know a latin accent when i hear one and this was not a latin accent! This woman was talking very slow and her speech was slurred as if she's been smoking pot all day! Her english was horrible and she was a liar! Leaving a message sayin a court case was being files against me and i have 48 hours to call her back before the information goes through the system! LMAO....A few days ago I got a message from Kevin Smith who also happens to sound like Bin Laden and whos name was Bill Mar when he left a message the previous week! He left a message saying if i did not call him back, the only thing he could do is "pray for you and wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO! What do they do, sit and watch american TV and find names to use? I swear if Peter Griffin calls me, I'm calling him back!

    15. Burt says:

      I am also receiving same calls so many times in a days