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    1. Ferdinand says:

      just had the same experience, goggled the number and found this site.  i called the 239-4000 number and complained and removed my number.  What a rude way of doing business.

    2. Carlo says:

      no message, called back, said "reward redemtion"

    3. Gale says:

      I got a call on my cell phone from this number. The message said that they had sent multiple letters to me (lie) to try to reduce the interest rate on my credit card. "if I had a greater than $4000 balance on my card press 1 to lower my interest rate". Where did they get my cell number? How did they bypass FCC rules prohibiting telemarketing on a cell phone? I reported to FCC.

    4. Lyndon says:

      Called saying they are a company called DCI looking for old computers. Name was Amy. Said got my info off the net. Asked for my email to send info.

    5. Morgan says:

      Recieved call from this number claims it's some credit union, and said my account was suspended. It is a scam and reported them to the FCC.

    6. Herman says:

      They call my gf's phone once a month or so. Is there any way to find out exactly where they are? If so,I'm there. Their loc in NJ is not far from me. But what address?

    7. Dusty says:

      Some animal text my phone to vote for f****ng obamaaaaaaa

    8. Burton says:

      They call all day long. Sometimes I answer and hear nothing. When I don't answer they don't leave a message! It has been going on for the last few weeks. Maybe they'll get tired of calling and stop! This is my cell phone for pete's sake! Leave me alone already!!

    9. Norberto says:

      this number has called me more than 5 times today who or what is it can someone tell me and how did they get my number????

    10. Calvin says:

      Eric shea that he came with girlfriend and two others and bought teetee pup.

    11. Donnie says:

      Exactly what happened to me.  Upon calling back, was told that the call could not be completed as dialed.

    12. Dusty says:

      That's what i was thinking too. someone or some company using a fake(?) social security number. Wonder if you called social security administration and told them what happened they would tell you if that was a real number or not?  tell them maybe someone is committing identity theft by using this as a phone number and giving it out to lots of people. But i don't know how they got our number.we have our phone with cable company and numbers are not published in a phone book.

    13. Earl says:

      I desired to prevent this number using this particular service. Wish I found the actual solution here

    14. Edwardo says:

      stop calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Leo says: