585-387 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 585-387-1303
  • 585-387-1304
  • 585-387-1305
  • 585-387-1306
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  • 585-387-1308
  • 585-387-1309
  • 585-387-1310
  • 585-387-1311
  • 585-387-1312
  • 585-387-1313
  • 585-387-1314
  • 585-387-1315
  • 585-387-1316
  • 585-387-1317
  • 585-387-1318
  • 585-387-1319
  • 585-387-1320
  • 585-387-1321
  • 585-387-1322
  • 585-387-1323
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  • 585-387-1326
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    1. Domingo says:

      just missed that call too.  thanks for the info.

    2. Tony says:

      This is the best call that I haven't answered all day

    3. Carrol says:

      In spanish they said congrats and then I ended the call

    4. Ray says:

      Hi, I'm from Italy. I don't know if it's a coincidence but last week I visited London and I started to receiving calls from that number once I have come back in Rome.

    5. Carlton says:

      Some lady speaking spanish... Spam!

    6. Amado says:

      Called my old phone number (my father has it) many times and always demands to talk to me.  Won't leave a name or number nor will they take other contact information.  Finally got really abusive to my father on the phone.  I'd like to press charges when I can find out who's responsible.

    7. Neal says:

      This has been happening for quite a few days but i never responded. The text is "hey" and no more. Several of them in a day. Tonight, there was in addition a call and when I picked up, there was a silence and off. Very frustrating. Then the next message was "who is this".."????".

    8. Reginald says:

      I got a text that said hey and I want to know who it is.

    9. Edward says:

      They have called at least 3 times. Identified themselves as calling from UPS - said they had a package to deliver. Foreign male voice. Last time they called, they left a message saying I had won a prize - please call to collect my prize.

    10. Jonathan says:

      These people keep calling saying im approved for a 3000 dollar loan its fraud

    11. Allan says:

      This number called my number at 9:00pm looking for a person with their address and their birthdate

    12. Julio says:

      It was someone named Shawna... Don't think I know her.

    13. Theron says:

      this is probably from a call center, I didn't answer it. The caller didn't leave a message either.

    14. Gerry says:

      Just got this message. Same text and link, probably to a virus. I think this spammer got hold of a list of Montreal numbers from God knows where. I don't even give out my phone number that often and I will even less from now on.

    15. Jerrod says:

      Just received a call today and I missed it.  Caller left no message, and I get "unable to complete your call" when I return call.  Caller ID says "CFFA", and a quick google search of "CFFA florida" (without quotes) points me at