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    1. Rocky says:

      A sheri tells me she has called me repeatedly but does not tell me what she is calling concerning, but ordering me call her back

    2. Darrel says:

      Continuous sending message to my cell phone

    3. Jeffry says:

      Collection agency for a debt I've already sent them proof I've paid. They also refuse to get my name right.

    4. Jarod says:

      Monika Girton. Keeps harassing me. My boyfriend is her ex fiance. I had to block her cell number and her home number. Now she is calling me from other peoples phones.

    5. Geoffrey says:

      Hes a scammer plays on ppl phone

    6. Eliseo says:

      They're refinancing homes...

    7. Donald says:

      from message center:+12085978924 you have just won an iPad! To claim enter code.

    8. Desmond says:

      Called 1-800-396-9104 and removed myself from calling list, great idea thanks guys. WOW they sure are rude and called Sunday morning?  First tried calling them back on the 218 206-2192 and all you get is silence.  Real charities don't act this way.

    9. Sammy says:

      getting calls from this number but i am not picking up because i don't know

    10. Edmundo says:

      Left vm, in Spanish. Wow I see they called a lot of people today!

    11. Raymond says:

      Beware the caller may be collecting info on your business, placing an ad for your business, send you an invoice for big $$$, and threaten to sue if you don't pay up. They will cut up the recorded conversation, splice in the appropriate questions and make it sound like you agreed to place the ad. Many small business owners pay them just to have them go away.

    12. Miguel says:

      They claiming to br Comcast

    13. Grant says:

      Unknown call from robocall source. Most calls come in with a city/state and a number that does not exist. The ones that come from "Rachel" at Card member services" originate from a company owned by a guy named Pete Turpel in California. He has been charged by the FTC for violating the do-not call ...

    14. Tyler says:

      This is what worked ultimately for me.  Took 2 minutes.

    15. Elliott says:

      Man I just got a call from here like 20 minutes ago, and it was a distorted voice that I could not undersatnd.  I asked like what so many times to what they said, and I guess whoever it was got tired and hung up, I hope I do not get any more of these calls.