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    1. Gaylord says:

      wrong number for Franklin tesalona

    2. Mac says:

      I have been getting this text for the last few days. Once the update showed up on my screen I could only select "ok" or "postpone." I finally decided to call an AT&T operator. After checking the model of my phone and searching updates on the computer, the operator verified that it is a legitimate update. Though it turned out legitimate for me, I suggest calling AT&T for confirmation any time an unknown number texts you for a download.

    3. Roland says:

      Have been called 5 more times from this number including today... no messages, just calling. This is a govt. call from a 202 area code - Washington DC people, not someone on welfare, lol! This is the FEDS f****ng with ppl "because they can" and get away with it. When enough Americans start waking up to what the Feds are actually doing instead of playing into their "harrass & intimidate" so they'll fear us game, then Revolution on a much larger scale can take place.

    4. Vito says:

      This was a guy named Mark who said he worked with the IT department for my computer company or something like that. He wanted to confirm that I was the main user of the computer, and currently I dont have a computer. After I let him know that I do not even own a computer right now, he said "ok, sorry to bother you". I am guessing this is some sort of telemarketing company.

    5. Shirley says:

      This is a insurance company tring to sell insurance

    6. Chad says:

      Take long for them to answer when I say hello

    7. Roland says:

      text said "rds me out. she is trashed tonight. typical and sad. i can't do it anymore. she turns into godzilla." This was from @myairmail.rply.net

    8. Dominique says:

      want you to pay money for loan then they never pay.

    9. Blake says:

      I just received a text from this number at 2:19 am with an advertisement for a car website...ridiculous!

    10. James says:

      Spanish language recorded message

    11. Peter says:

      Already four calls, one at the same time (around 10:30am) everyday. No message left.

    12. Theo says:

      This number call 3 time, I believe it is a number used with call faker

    13. Demetrius says:

      keep calling me about some bed entry which she is a fraud.Because her constant harrasment.

    14. Garret says:

      I just had the same thing happen to me.

    15. Trinidad says:

      I got two today and my friend got a couple on her cell this week... what is it?