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    1. Genaro says:

      Same here. Just five minutes ago, I received a call from this number but nobody was speaking on the other line.

    2. Javier says:

      I received the following in an email and admit I felt guilty for not replying, but once I found this site and read the other posts, my suspicion seemed confirmed: Hello I'm interested in the (I removed the company's name.) products and will like to know if I can make my other through you. Please get back to me as soon as you receive my email. You can also reach me on my mobile number(240-542-6162) via SMS if you would prefer that as well but the problem is that I'm disable (I'm deaf and I can't speak). I will await your prompt response.Leslie Brown

    3. Jasper says:

      They are selling a steam iron in Garden State Plaza mall kiosk, this product doesn't work and also ruins your clothes with stains.

    4. Elmo says:

      Get calls from this number constantly.. Never leave messages! Annoying!!

    5. Owen says:

      i have a small confuse that number

    6. Ty says:

      Spam survey with promise of free trip with some fees.

    7. Bradley says:

      I received a call from this number (248-205-6620) and they actually left a voice mail.  It was from Park West Gallery.

    8. Jasper says:

      Don't want her calling me or texting ever!!

    9. Tony says:

      caller called, asked for me by name, but mispronounced it. I said this was she, and they said thank you and hung up.

    10. Andrea says:

      I meant PAPER not peper... typo

    11. Chadwick says:

      Have an average of three calls a day for the last month. Requested to be removed from their calling list but they keep coming. It is a home security company that is making these calls. I have no relationahip with this company in any form and have NEVER given them the phone number they are calling.

    12. Gonzalo says:

      Called me in NZ said doing a survey on Elections and television?

    13. Chad says:

      Got a call saying our merchant account had been reviewed and because we had so few chargebacks we were eligible for lower rates. Salesman was very polite but I asked that he send me written materials regarding this. He said he would email information to me within the next 10 minutes and asked when he could follow up. I told him he could call me tomorrow after I had time to review the information. Two hours later I haven't received the email - I even checked our spam filter. He told me they were located in Phoenix but caller ID said Yosemite CA so who knows where this is actually coming from and how legit it is. Even though I asked a couple of times for the name of the company, his response was so fast and unclear that I still don't know what the name is.

    14. Donnell says:

      got a call on Feb 21/08 and all i heard was a guy saying hello on my machine.  Don't like this type of call. I wish people would identify themselves.

    15. Dwight says:

      I too have been receiving calls from this number.  The message always say call 1-866-247-4644 and someone will help you. I don't answer the phone when I see an unrecognizable number on my caller ID.