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    1. Darin says:

      i just got this and i live in Alberta, they knew my name and said it was for Canadian fire chiefs or something and wanted a donation. It was super creepy.

    2. Rudy says:

      don't wish to be contacted by them

    3. Gerardo says:

      continually calling in same day and very not cool!

    4. Joey says:

      This number keep calling, but do not leave a voice mail.

    5. Andre says:

      Called 2 times. I picked up and no answer

    6. Willis says:

      wants you to sign up for school

    7. Morgan says:

      Caller saying something about IRS. Sounded like a recording before i hung up.

    8. Marcelino says:

      I got a call a call from officer Williams left a VM said he had a warrent for my arrest from the attorney General. when I called back someone said we was officer Black. then someone called back and said we was officer Williams and he was with the Attorney General office so I told him I would contact the Attorney General my Self cause I know he is a scam.

    9. Dewey says:

      Got a robocall from this number from a company offering reduced credit card payment rates, with a pitch worded to fool people into thinking they were calling from a card they already have.  It asked me to press 1, so trying to get the name of the company I did.  While on hold, it thanked me for "returning" their call, and a lady answered with the greeting "account services".  There are so many unsavory and outright illegal tactics in place in this single phone call I don't know where to start.

    10. Noble says:

      I just got a call from this phone number - 531-554-3623

    11. Esteban says:

      Entered a drawing for a cruise. Damn telemarketer!!

    12. Tad says:

      I just recieved a call form this number.. I live in kc so thought it was local and maybe even legit.. no way! don't even bother answering when you see this number come up

    13. Melvin says:

      These idiots keep calling me as well.  They either hang up or have someone with a terrible indian accent calling about long distance rates for Pulse Telecom. They keep calling here in Montreal. I asked them to bother me in french or not bother me at all.  He can barely speak english, so forget about french!

    14. Santo says:

      on 2/20/2013, rec'd the same call that DT received.. said my computer is causing their (PC CARE) server problems, that they wanted access to my computer to 'fix' the problem...... person named JAMES DAWSON gave me Ph # 267-344-1404 in NYCity I terminated call after saying I would investigate who PC CARE is. ...... I will not call them back .....

    15. Milan says:

      This number keeps calling my grandma's house. She has been answering the phone and they ask for her. She says," I am answering the phone for her, what can I do for you?" They reply," We just wanted to say thank you to her for the gift she gave."