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    1. Darin says:

      i just got this and i live in Alberta, they knew my name and said it was for Canadian fire chiefs or something and wanted a donation. It was super creepy.

    2. Rudy says:

      don't wish to be contacted by them

    3. Gerardo says:

      continually calling in same day and very not cool!

    4. Joey says:

      This number keep calling, but do not leave a voice mail.

    5. Andre says:

      Called 2 times. I picked up and no answer

    6. Willis says:

      wants you to sign up for school

    7. Marty says:

      I dont want to see Message at all

    8. Morgan says:

      Caller saying something about IRS. Sounded like a recording before i hung up.

    9. Marcelino says:

      I got a call a call from officer Williams left a VM said he had a warrent for my arrest from the attorney General. when I called back someone said we was officer Black. then someone called back and said we was officer Williams and he was with the Attorney General office so I told him I would contact the Attorney General my Self cause I know he is a scam.

    10. Dewey says:

      Got a robocall from this number from a company offering reduced credit card payment rates, with a pitch worded to fool people into thinking they were calling from a card they already have.  It asked me to press 1, so trying to get the name of the company I did.  While on hold, it thanked me for "returning" their call, and a lady answered with the greeting "account services".  There are so many unsavory and outright illegal tactics in place in this single phone call I don't know where to start.

    11. Noble says:

      I just got a call from this phone number - 531-554-3623

    12. Esteban says:

      Entered a drawing for a cruise. Damn telemarketer!!

    13. Tad says:

      I just recieved a call form this number.. I live in kc so thought it was local and maybe even legit.. no way! don't even bother answering when you see this number come up

    14. Melvin says:

      These idiots keep calling me as well.  They either hang up or have someone with a terrible indian accent calling about long distance rates for Pulse Telecom. They keep calling here in Montreal. I asked them to bother me in french or not bother me at all.  He can barely speak english, so forget about french!

    15. Branden says:

      Rcvd a call from this number, but since I was at work I just sent it to voice mail.  They didn't leave a message (and after checking this board, I'm glad I didn't answer).