567-940 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Rob says:

      have been getting random calls from weird numbers.

    2. Bryant says:

      automotive school recruiters smh

    3. Pat says:

      Called, left no message. Shows Portland ME.

    4. Fred says:

      GOT THIS CALL 11-14-12, 10:15 AM

    5. Reggie says:

      This company calls multiple times a day--sometimes calls come within less than an hour.

    6. Otis says:

      More unsolicited mortgage re finance offer calls! From an automated machine to a number on the do not call list and cell phone!

    7. Charles says:

      I called back and asked for their name the lady said Monica I asked for her last name and said I won't give you that So I asked for a supervisor and she hung up on me.

    8. Rosendo says:

      Spam text message that says:

    9. Jefferey says:

      This guy called me on Monday saying he was a lawyer and I or my lawyer need to call him back asap seeing how I don’t have a lawyer I called him. He informed me that I had a court date the next day in Sacramento ca. and, if I did not show up there would be a warrant for my arrest served to my work place. I told the guy that I lived 3000m away and no way I could get there then I asked what this was all about he told me that I had applied for a loan of $350.00 online and had not paid on it and wanted to know what my intention was toward this. When I asked him what he meant he told me I could settle out court if I paid have up front to show my good intentions, which would have been $400.00 because with late fees and everything else. It was $786.68 and then I could pay the rest on Friday, I told him I didn’t have the money and I was sure I could prove I didn’t receive any money, he told me I would have to bring the proof to court knowing full well I was unable to because of where I live. Again he told me to pay the $400.00 and again I told him I didn’t have it so he said hang on a sec, In addition, acted as he was talking to someone so while I was waiting I told my dad what was going on were the person could hear me and proceeded to say. I was turning it over to a lawyer and to the sheriff’s department when I did this he never can back on the line and so far that is the last I have heard from him

    10. Jimmy says:

      I just received a call from this number and all it was was a recording saying we'll be with you in a moment, as though I'd called them and was waiting on hold.

    11. Raymon says:


    12. Heath says:

      I keep receiving calls from this number as well. Answered it once and received the "beep" noise. Went to voicemail the second and still got that noise and nothing else.

    13. Numbers says:

      Sure you did, who paid you to say this??????????????????????

    14. Tracey says:

      I want this number gone!!! thank u

    15. Gregorio says:

      dnt let phone ring at all