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    1. Corey says:

      For some reason, this number called our small business today. When I answered, there was an immediate click and then nothing. The caller ID showed the number and "Indiana." If the caller truly was an aerial photographer from Indiana (as others have reported), what the heck is he doing calling a business in Massachusetts? Seems like a l-o-n-g flight for an aerial shot. Apparently, this guy is such a notorious email spammer, he's listed with Spamhaus. He spams by email and by phone. It would appear that the guy is a conman instead of a legitimate business because what legitimate business has a ton of throw-away email addresses and ISPs in order to spam honest businesses?

    2. Ricky says:

      no calls or texts from dis number

    3. Christopher says:

      I just received a text that only said hello

    4. Lionel says:

      tried to convince me that i was to enter a sweepstakes for $25,000 and a new red mustang until i told them i was 13 and didnt know how to drive. Nor do I own a credit card.

    5. Geoffrey says:

      Offering a free iPhone 5 for a "beta test". What tools.

    6. Benjamin says:

      "Hi Ashley this is Jessica, call me back at __________" such number.  I have gotten calls from different people calling me Ashley over the last year I ignore every call and they call back weeks later asking will I show up to the meeting on Sunday.  Want to comfirm plans  for Saturday.  Camping is going to be great.  Since they never call back and speak to me right away they just leave messages, I have not gotten to tell them they have the wrong number.  I don't know what to do.  Just called back and find its some place called Varsity Collections.  I am not aware of any debt either.

    7. Micah says:

      setting up fake appointments..dont book

    8. Doug says:

      Called number back, was told it was not a working number

    9. Kurt says:

      This number calls me everyday like 3 times a day. Its getting really annoying. I just want it to stop.

    10. Eldridge says:

      Spam text - Auto Insurance

    11. Jamaal says:

      Keep getting a call asking if I know a particular person. Apparently this person gave my number and information to this company.

    12. Maxwell says:

      this is the customer help line for a credit card scam operation operating out of craiglist, called "CRAIGLIST SAFE"

    13. Jess says:

      Possible scam. Called saying that I was approved for a loan and needed to make a deposit before the money would be transfered.

    14. Doyle says:

      WWW.megamoneytour.com telemarketer

    15. Chi says:

      Apparently I was selected a winner for a free home security system. I'm 23 and don't own a house. I don't even rent.