563-853 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 563-853-3224
  • 563-853-3225
  • 563-853-3226
  • 563-853-3227
  • 563-853-3228
  • 563-853-3229
  • 563-853-3230
  • 563-853-3231
  • 563-853-3232
  • 563-853-3233
  • 563-853-3234
  • 563-853-3235
  • 563-853-3236
  • 563-853-3237
  • 563-853-3238
  • 563-853-3239
  • 563-853-3240
  • 563-853-3241
  • 563-853-3242
  • 563-853-3243
  • 563-853-3244
  • 563-853-3245
  • 563-853-3246
  • 563-853-3247
  • 563-853-3248
  • 563-853-3249
  • 563-853-3250
  • 563-853-3251
  • 563-853-3252
  • 563-853-3253
  • 563-853-3254

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    1. Ken says:

      I did some research and found out this is Everest College. I mean really, if you want people to attend your school you could be a lot less annoying!!

    2. Kristofer says:

      calls repeatedly and then hangs up or no one on the line.

    3. Derrick says:

      2939 S Walnut Arnold Pound

    4. Guadalupe says:

      Trying to sell me things

    5. Jewel says:

      i got a txt asking me to hold my dress that he used to live in my city but moved to Utah for a security job,told me he would send an extra 30 for my trouble! im so happy i looked up this number and found this site,saved me alot of money!!! thank you all

    6. Alden says:

      rang 2 times and hung up before i answered

    7. Tommie says:

      Hello:this number i put on a block call,848-482-5012,is a person calling regarding phone sales.Do not trust these people there a rip off.There phone harrasser's.Calls like these block get rid of,there a trick.

    8. Dexter says:

      I have been getting these calls for years from "Rachel" of Cardholder services on both my home phone and my cell phone. I file a complaint for each instances to the Do Not Call list but that has not stopped them. Sometimes at the end of the call there is a number on the phone to have your phone number removed from their database. When there is the option I select that number, but the calls keep coming. I suspect there are many different small scammers using this same recording.

    9. Tanner says:

      I'm being weirds phone call from that num its 4:07 and my head hurt and someone don't stop calling me and it sounds like sex in the background

    10. Lawerence says:

      This one is a recent addition. It's part of the group that doesn't leave a voice message (prefers a sneak attack), as opposed to the robo hecklers. As always I check Caller ID when I'm home and simply don't pick up unknown numbers. This one is displayed as Gary, IN. I don't know one person there. I long ago gave up reporting these hecklers to the Do No Call Registry, which could be making a bundle on fines. However, charities are allowed to bother people, and places you've done business with in the past year can let their "affiliates" bother you because the law requires us to "opt out" instead of "opt in". I don't pick up, much less press anything, because it just signals that they've "got a live one", and I've heard that your number is sold with the time that you will pick up; and, I read an article that warns that pressing buttons can open your line to the caller's use.

    11. Arlen says:

      He keeps emailing, for my car which has a bad engine, as stated in my ad- so I upped my price from 1200 to 5000 and told him he would really want it, go figure, he claims it all sounds great and he wants some middle man to finalize the sale as he is on a missionary LOL can scammers like this not be criminally charged? Im thinking to send him his own info, that I see posted on these boards, perhaps the Nigeria one, as that is likely where he is, and claim its my information.

    12. Noah says:

      Keeps calling, but won't talk!  Cowards!!

    13. Alva says:

      Called at 6:50 p.m. on Wednesday 4/23/08.  My husband answered and the guy on the other end asked "Mr. ?????".  The caller used my maiden name, and I have been married over 6 years now.  My husband said no, and then the call ended.  We are listed on the do not call list.  Don't know who it was.

    14. Otis says:

      has some one call you from 205-229-3720  she will not stop calling !!!!!!

    15. Lanny says:

      yall said that I won the best by gift card can I get it tomorrow at ceder ridge door number 162