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    1. Levi says:

      I don't speak Spanish. They call everyday.

    2. Hans says:

      Texted me about winning some best buy card from my entry last month (i never enter my cell phone number for anything) with a link for it.

    3. Brenton says:

      Will not quit calling over and over even after u tell them to stop

    4. Archie says:

      2face nono 1,000 faces lol

    5. Leigh says:

      I received a call from 727 683 0725 Monday January 21, 2008.  The rep asked for me by my first name and when I questioned whether she was a friend or family member, she told me it was regarding my credit card.  However, when I told her not to address me by my first name but by my last name she hung up on me.  I called back but the phone just rang.  I know for a fact that I am on the Do Not Call list and I don't have a credit card with a company by the name of CFFA.

    6. Waylon says:

      Because of so few postings, I called back.  Some guy answered and said he represented a Police Organization and that the call would be recorded for quality control.  I have blocked the telephone number.

    7. Everett says:

      Just recieved a call from David, he said I recieved a online pay loan and I know I didnt do any of this. They said the sherriff is coming to arrest me in a few hours. Good luck with that! I called back and asked to speak to the lawyer and then I told them I googled them and I called them a fraud and they hung up. Well now I am going to stalk them because all I have is time on my hands. Revenge is mine!

    8. Malik says:

      Selling generic drugs from India

    9. Alvaro says:

      Just like everyone else these Law Breakers call here Unsolicited all the time. Today was Different, I tooka Stand for My Privacy Rights. Since these A-Holes don't Respect My Privacy then I Declare War onThem All. It's Time For Us All To Take A Brave Stand. From now on when they call, They will be theVictim. They are out for the Cussing of their Life Just like I did this last guy. Since they are Breaking theLaw by calling us on the Do Not Call List then they are Mine for what ever comes out of my mouth andI'll assure you it isn't Nice. Take a Stand with me and lets Attack these Law Breakers for Violating ourPrivacy. I even bought a Whistle to Blow in their Ears. Works Great for those who don't want to Cuss.Take A Stand For Your Rights and Give Um Hell!Spammers Name and Number: PHONE SERVICE - 253-382-9098

    10. Antonia says:

      Automated caller.  Very irritating, seems like they pick any random ext they can get through.

    11. Kendrick says:

      Ashley oconnor and matt rathbone. They keep threatening me and everything. Vursing me out I don't want to deal with it.

    12. Carmine says:

      They just listen they don't talk Sounds like a pervert To me

    13. Filiberto says:

      Got same call today. Person with a name of Mark Black (last name was unclear). Indian accent

    14. Forest says:

      Max Clinton (heavy accent, sure not a "Max") with great news that our auto loan application had been accepted. I haven't applied for a loan and sure would not apply for one in New York city, as I live in Arkansas! What a scumbag. Glad I let it go to voicemail.

    15. Chung says:

      Please stop calling me - I am totally not interested and you are wasting your time.  thank you.