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    1. Leigh says:

      I received a call from 727 683 0725 Monday January 21, 2008.  The rep asked for me by my first name and when I questioned whether she was a friend or family member, she told me it was regarding my credit card.  However, when I told her not to address me by my first name but by my last name she hung up on me.  I called back but the phone just rang.  I know for a fact that I am on the Do Not Call list and I don't have a credit card with a company by the name of CFFA.

    2. Waylon says:

      Because of so few postings, I called back.  Some guy answered and said he represented a Police Organization and that the call would be recorded for quality control.  I have blocked the telephone number.

    3. Everett says:

      Just recieved a call from David, he said I recieved a online pay loan and I know I didnt do any of this. They said the sherriff is coming to arrest me in a few hours. Good luck with that! I called back and asked to speak to the lawyer and then I told them I googled them and I called them a fraud and they hung up. Well now I am going to stalk them because all I have is time on my hands. Revenge is mine!

    4. Malik says:

      Selling generic drugs from India

    5. Antonia says:

      Automated caller.  Very irritating, seems like they pick any random ext they can get through.

    6. Chung says:

      Please stop calling me - I am totally not interested and you are wasting your time.  thank you.

    7. Jonas says:

      called sai hold on i have another call cming in

    8. Marcelo says:

      Sent an email after I posted an ad on Craigslist to sell Some of my furniture. Name is Clara Jones and says she is a surgeon. Wants to use PayPal and is sending haulers to pick up merchandise. Sounds highly suspicious and email is written in very broken english.

    9. Jefferson says:

      Possbly spammer or over the phone sales rep.

    10. Malik says:

      your full of s*** buddy, you a** holes called me and I have no Idea how u dirt bags got my number. You and your buddy's just out to take money thats not yours a** wipe

    11. Dave says:

      Does "do not call" registration works ??

    12. Eloy says:

      Call all the time and hang up when answer the phone.

    13. Terence says:

      have asked to stop calling after they was supposed to help get a car and didn't happen but won't stop calling so I have blocked the number.

    14. Donnell says:

      This number just called me and tried to get me to use my credit card online. I hung up on them. They turned around and called back saying that I had to in order to get a loan. I informed them that I never applied for a loan. I also let them know that I know they are actually calling from India and ...

    15. Rhett says:

      Scammer! They are trying to give you "free tickets". I didn't even bother listening to it. Here's the scammer's phone no, this is the guy who collects your no. 732-887-4778 (Chris).