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    1. Noah says:

      They say they're a third-party debt collection office. 224 area code is for cell numbers only - what office doesn't have a land line?

    2. Hugo says:

      Yes I got a call from this number.

    3. Hoyt says:


    4. Billie says:

      I got a call from this number last night.  I didn't answer, but the voice mail was really weird.  It said, "This message is for (first name)."  Then, there was nothing but stomping, sounding like he was walking down stairs, really hard.

    5. Gil says:

      called my cell and sounded like an asian voice; called back and got a recording about the FBI reporting more house break ins.

    6. Darius says:

      I'm so tired of getting calls from this number. I don't even know who is this person or association. No message left but they keep calling and calling. The caller ID shows Portland, ME. I looked on internet this number and it shows me this :s located in Portland, Maine.

    7. Moises says:

      Consumer Debt Help Line with automated recording

    8. Andy says:

      I have a missed call from this Number at 6:49 PM today 09-14-2009.

    9. Cecil says:

      The same this that happened to RC has been happening to me.  The keep calling my work stating they are from the financial crime department.  They even went as far as stating they were a patient when my co-worker told them this was a doctors office and to quite calling.  I am concerned that they have all my personal info!!

    10. Merle says:

      they said i own 900 . an if i didnt pay . they was getn a warrant for me

    11. Armando says:

      This number is from Home Advisor formerly Service Magic. I you havent been ripped off by them at this point in your life, by all means dont do what I did and start now...RUN.

    12. Freddy says:

      I rec'd 17 calls in 2 days from this number. It is Credit One Bank with a card offer. The calls start at 8am sharp and end at 9pm. I made the mistake of answering the call and they wouldn't shut up. I told the caller repeatedly that I was not interested and she just kept calling. I had to hand up on the girl

    13. Hai says:

      Same deal. A lot of static on the line. He spoke fast and confirmed my name. Without explaining anything, he mentioned this is about a credit card transaction for medication. Then he hung up. Nobody answers when I call back.

    14. Neville says:

      getting miss call from this number

    15. Ahmed says:

      I also got a call from this 206# stating the exact same thing.  I was to call 800-920-4701 and include promo code PMI206. It is from Premiere Marketing a "Global Estates company."  They're offering you a 7 day cruise that leaves Galveston and all onboard expenses.  The catch is that this is to promote their 'discount travel services' (which are not part of the package you won).  You have to attend a 1.5 hour reception if you can prove you are a married, part of a couple, or a single woman.