561-716 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Jeff says:

      I dont know what the company name is or who they're representing, but they keep calling my phone asking me to pay money or I'll find myself in jail, they also wont identify who they're representing!

    2. Mauricio says:

      he wanna trade naked pics with me, plus he's a dude

    3. Isidro says:

      located in seattle WA. mobile phone, carrier is qwest corporation

    4. Federico says:

      want to erase my debt. can you say Identity theft????

    5. Sammie says:

      this number was sending me some very sexual things.

    6. Michal says:

      This guy leaves this phone number in messages to women on dating sites talking about how he wants to suck the toes of little girls. He wants these women to call and blackmail him or something.

    7. Leo says:

      I get a few calls a day from this number and want them to quit calling me.

    8. Eugene says:

      They calked me twice durin class.

    9. Carlton says:

      Who calling   me  as  if they know  me you may thing u  do i............so

    10. Tom says:

      This happened to me as well. Except before she hung up, she kept insisting that I didn't know what I was talking about. When pressed for more information about my 'account', she hung up.

    11. Palmer says:

      Rang but did not leave msg

    12. Chris says:

      I keep getting calls from this number but no one speaks when I answer the phone tried calling back and just get a busy signal

    13. Abe says:

      I got a few texts from this person. They wondering if I remember them, and I didn't. He sent me picture of his "man hood" and told me that we had relations. Well they had the wrong number, I told them to stop texting my phone and that is was rude to text someone's phone they didn't know. It came down to that person threatening me and my home. I to this day have no idea who this was, but I'm glad they sent me a picture of their face.... So that I can take it to the cops.

    14. Norman says:

      annoying. recording talking about break ins. try to sell you security systems.

    15. Carol says:

      Same here. I have absolutely NO idea how they got my cell number.