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    1. Jim says:

      ...and they are still at it! last night, a call from '"Ryan Williams from AUSLOGIX (Microsoft Tech support). He was frantic...telling me I must listen, and must do as he says...my system is about to crash! I am being hacked! blah blah blah. I asked for his name and number...0872001700....AND, when I rang back..Ryan answered the phone!...WOW, I thought "Microsoft Tech Support" would be harder to get on to!...Just hang up!

    2. Normand says:

      You have been selected for a FREE $1,000 Walmart Giftcard! Enter Code: "FREE954" at www.walmart.com.wlrt.biz to get yours now. Only 121 left! Txt OUT to remove. They sent me this. What was weird was it was immediately after I texted someone the word WalMart in a text. Weird coincidence, or was it?

    3. Jeremy says:

      Android User I got a text message from 201-456-0782 saying that I have been selected to receive a FREE $50 Gasoline Gift voucher and call 1-877-912-1529 to redeem.

    4. Cleo says:

      Irritated....i have received 3 calls from this non number in the last 2 hrs.

    5. Felix says:

      A lady asked for Patrice and when I said that she has the wrong number, she said she has the right number but wrong number.

    6. Brian says:

      got robocall from 218-213-9264 caller ID said "Unknown Name" on Wednesday 3-20-13 @821 PM.

    7. Timothy says:

      I no wanna speak with them, left go to voicemail. They no leave message. Shame!

    8. Danny says:

      This number literally hung up and called me at least 1 dozen times back to back. Definitely harassing and I kept a record of it.

    9. Nigel says:

      Best buy gift card spam text

    10. Corey says:

      Please note that he said they were hiring

    11. Heath says:

      I've only just started using HydroSacks and have found them to work brnillaitly. We have stored some in our garage and used one the other day for a leak from the washing machine, it soaked up all the water and left no mess. My father recommended them after using them to stop his house from being flooded, but I think they are useful to have stored at home.

    12. Simon says:

      This person asked for my under aged daughter. Should i become worried.

    13. Eldon says:

      This is an investment scammer from the Dallas area like so many these days seem to be.  Just get yourself on the national-do-not-call-list and file complaints via the 2 step web page every time they and all the other creeps call.

    14. Leopoldo says:

      have received 3 calls from 312 area code. could not reach 1st 2 calls. they said the people were busy taking other calls. just received a call today from heather bradley saying i was a finalist in the change your life sweepstakes and by the end of the month they were going to award the prizes and i was definitely going to win one of the prizes. they would notify me by mail. i did talk to her live on the phone. it was not a recording like the other 2 phone calls.

    15. Shelby says:

      They are trying to sell newspapers. Call all day long asking for Bonnie, im not Bonnie. Report to FCC