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    1. Stan says:

      It its Swan Energy they are looking for investors for natural gas and crap I have told them, to stop calling but they keep calling. So I have place them on my do not call list

    2. Andrew says:

      Who is Sayvion? is he from Columbus ohio?

    3. Josef says:

      Got repeated calls from this number. Need to find whose is calling

    4. Rudolf says:

      got a call from number and caller id states US Army Ft.Campbell but when tried to return the call said it had been disconnected. Not two seconds later the same number showed up and it was my daughters friend which is military so i guess it has to do with it going through the military lines is why it is stating diconnected.

    5. Allen says:

      Telemarketing recording. Definitely spam... "Hello - you've been selected to receive "... Click... I disconnected

    6. Andres says:

      Received call from this number last night. Caller said hold for conference call with President Obama. Of course I held. (for 15 minutes) But I had heard on the news of other conference calls President had done. Finally campaign worker said Mr. President there are thousands on this call and the President began to speak. It's quite different hearing him on the campaign trail and hearing him right in your ear. He said they were leaving Ohio and at one point you could her plane engines. He spoke for several minutes. He sounded a bit tired (which I am sure he is) but most of all you could hear the sincerity in his voice. I don't know how anyone could vote for anyone but President Obama. This is one call I am happy I answered and stayed on the line.

    7. Trevor says:

      Calling about an auto loan

    8. Bill says:

      Classic scam: Here is what this scum writes in response to a Craigs List add."Please what is your direct contact email address ?? I want to forward it to my sister, she have interest in this ad. So that she can email you direct from her email. ThanksYou can also text her directly on her phone number (347) 559-6916 with name of the item and your final price, if still up for sale"

    9. Tuan says:

      Just go to the website that oversees your billing and place the number on your blocked list. I too have all of numbers on the do not call list but I get them on my cell phone and not my landline. :)

    10. Arturo says:

      no message, called back it says "You have reached Law Centric, you may press 3 to remove yourself from this list at anytime" I've received many many many calls from this number

    11. Waldo says:

      They called 5 times and were mean.

    12. Buddy says:

      Robo call identified as being from Grow Financial and that my debit card was locked, "press 1 to speak with a representative". I do not have such an account; spam!

    13. Galen says:

      I just reported a claim to safeco this morning. This is accurate.

    14. Gilbert says:

      Phone rang, I answered it and nothing on the other end other than a bunch of background voices talking on other phones I'm sure. Has to be a "phone mill!" After 5 seconds with no one on the other end, I hung up!

    15. Bennie says:

      this person will not leave me alone