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    1. Guadalupe says:

      Some guy asking if I wanted a house security system

    2. Earle says:

      Sent me a link... Really sick of this...

    3. Dion says:

      the loser picked a hillarious name atleast

    4. Chance says:

      Text me and told me to claim my price of $200.00

    5. Rico says:

      Victor calls and then hangs up

    6. Carlos says:

      I just got the e-mail... First thing I googled was the number. I dealt with this guy a year and a half ago. He claims to be with the FBI, Director of the International Fraud Department. I also notices as I was replying to his e-mail, that my reply was going to fraud_dept2010@live.com. If it were the FBI, they would NOT be using any MSN e-mail accounts. Live is the same as hotmail, and it is through msn. I investigate all things. That's just how I am. If I didn't, my bank account would be at least $25,000 in the negative. There WAS a Robert S. Mueller III in the FBI a long time ago. I contacted the FBI a year and a half ago asking for him. They said they certainly don't send out e-mails to ANYONE. If anyone gets an e-mail from someone claiming to be an FBI agent, use your head. It's Fraud!!

    7. Kip says:

      Called numerous times trying to get me to go to a presentation to pay timeshare maintenence fees. Kept saying they were a non profit to help owners. Scamer written all over these calls. Can hear many people doing the same call in the background

    8. Elmo says:

      Has called several times and left no message.

    9. Franklyn says:

      Appears to be a debt consolidation firm:

    10. Reginald says:

      I dnt want this number to call me any more

    11. Buford says:

      I also received a call from this phone and I told them in Spanish that I don't speak Spanish...and the woman said that I needed to speak Spanish with her.

    12. Grady says:

      Texting me about a loan that I don't need

    13. Mary says:

      A guy by the name of Matt Hardy with an indian voice has been calling my phone several times today threatening that i commited fradulant crimes with money and checks , stated that they were the CIA Intelligent agency, then he had the nerve to ask me for 3,000 dollars to settle out of court because he claimed i owed money for my crimes. Yes , i was also threatened that they would come to my job and my home. Definately Indian schemers!!! I will also contact the police on this matter!!

    14. Deangelo says:

      Pre-recorded call from company selling home security. Begins with "congratulations, you've been selected..." Same company also called from 810-230-1352 and 701-625-5758 (twice). This is the fourth call I've received from these scumbags.

    15. Rudy says:

      Same here--something about a security system.  Did not identify who was calling, but asked who they were talking to...    Fishy!