559-702 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Lon says:

      I finally answered after they called 5 times in one hour. They were telling me I could get my windshield replaced under the law in Florida. They said they would take me off the list, but I know from experience that that never works.

    2. Huey says:

      this number calls all hrs of the nite will not stop calling her name is jennifer allen she lives in jacksonville FL her home phone is 904-727-9293

    3. Austin says:

      spammer of home security system

    4. Barney says:

      Says this is the "the last call I will be getting concerning my credit card. Then goes on to say they're offering to lower my interest rate on said ''cards" to 6%". It was an automated thing and said to press ''one" to speak to a representative. My credit card company never contacts me.

    5. Elden says:

      Didn't answer ...no message

    6. Dewey says:

      This agency has called my phone! It says to press 1 for one of their operators and when I do I ask them to take me off their list and they hang up.

    7. Edwin says:

      this company also goes by american credit international and several #
      BEWARE they will tell you going to send a sheriff to your home, etc...

    8. Bennett says:

      Collections won't stop calling me for someone else

    9. Vern says:

      i got the call and i was fixing to pick up and they hung up the phone it was rather funny cuz right when i picked up the phone they hung up

    10. Erwin says:

      Something about an free apple product

    11. Gaylord says:

      Something about a $1000 give away, it's bogus

    12. Eliseo says:

      I received a text stating that I had won, a gift certificate. Scam Messages everywhere!

    13. Gerald says:

      Called me, didn't recognize the number, pressed ignored.

    14. Patrick says:

      Hello.  I have the same person that I am talking to today.  Same story.  Same pictures, ect.  He has not told me anything about the nanny being stabbed, because I caught him on a video he sent me.  The video said, “dance for mommy”.  I question him about it this morning and he hasn’t replied back.  I met him off POF.  He seems genuine and normal.  I looked him up on google.  When I try and ask personal questions, he didn’t want to give too personal…  I think he needs to be stopped, but I have nothing from him that will catch him.  I have only been texting and emailing him for a few days…

    15. Duncan says:

      Kohls. They keep calling for wrong person