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    1. Cary says:

      James woolworth law firm saying i had a lawsuit against me

    2. Travis says:

      so dont text him alex; he will aggervate you(:

    3. Jordan says:

      Bobby is at it again. He and his lil friends are playing on the phone at 430 am!!!! Get a LIFE!

    4. Blake says:

      This number 312-727-9472, call me twice. I call back the same number and said this not exist. So, I found this number is from Chicago, Illinois. I call the telephone company to block this number.

    5. Alfonso says:

      f*** u all they shouldscam u 4eva ur stupid

    6. Cruz says:

      I just got the exact same email reply from a posting I have on Craigslist

    7. Malcolm says:

      The Text says ([NetSpend]) Please call: 3055877268. 511321XXAccntissue. I called from a different number. There was a prerecorded message saying that a prepaid debit card had been suspended and then they wanted me to put the number in the phone so they could reactivate it. I do not have a prepaid debit card. This is a spam that is trying to get peoples debit card numbers. BEWARE!

    8. Malik says:

      Who is this. I have never seen the number before or anything.

    9. Miguel says:

      I got a call from this number on my cell phone about 1:00 in the morning on July 4th. No voicemail left. If the owner of this number is reading this, please identify yourself and what is the purpose of the call, especially at that time of night?

    10. Malcom says:

      I called them and told them to stop calling me or I would report them, called four times because each time I tried to tell them that they hung up

    11. Nick says:

      I rec'd 17 calls in 2 days from this number. It is Credit One Bank with a card offer. The calls start at 8am sharp and end at 9pm. I made the mistake of answering the call and they wouldn't shut up. I told the caller repeatedly that I was not interested and she just kept calling. I had to hand up on the girl

    12. Collin says:

      this dude keeps calling me fyi he has bad conection i could hardly understand him then he hung up he calls everyday

    13. Jimmy says:

      they have been calling for days idk who he is

    14. Jasper says:

      Called 4 times last 3 days. No ID or info. No respect for Do-Not-Call listing. Did not answer as no identification presented.

    15. Elisha says:

      got a call, It sounded like a computer voice