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    1. Dylan says:

      Scam. Don't click the link. Would've appreciated if they didn't text me at 3:30am.

    2. Lyndon says:

      19 calls to my cel phone, from:   sdogan31@hotmail.com

    3. Reggie says:

      this person named Ted Thompson has called my home numerous times and my job also they hacked into my bank account and tried to get money out but my wife caught it in time and filed fraud charges against them. They still continue to call me at home and work claiming we took out a loan is is not true. no one else can seem to help with this at this time.

    4. Norbert says:

      They are fake people asking for money you never owed

    5. Marco says:

      Got a call from the number too

    6. Armand says:

      I am from Alabama and I got a call from this number. It said Get Out on the caller i.d but I didn't get to the phone in time to answer.

    7. Abe says:

      Spam, calling repeatedly. Annoying!!!!

    8. Bobbie says:

      Talkn about I won 1000$ Walmart card. Scam

    9. Norman says:

      Scammers trying to get your card number

    10. Hayden says:

      I got a few text messages from this number. They stated that they were heading for ca and would be empty on Sept. 5th and would call when they got the order from there. Another time they asked about a birth date for an aunt. The texter claimed to be someone named Mike and was from Maine. When I asked for their last name they stopped texting.

    11. Gerald says:

      They called saying it was about a walmart credit card, which I don't have any.

    12. Tuan says:

      I just got a call this morning 4/21 too. I think he said Fraternal Order of Police, which would be legit. BUT... years ago I was scammed by an organization with an exceedingly similar name and logo, whom the police dept (I called them) denied any relation to. I reported those people to the State Attorney General, after the guy threatened me for not renewing my pledge. So when today's caller admitted he was not truly the FOP but an agency hired by them for the fund raising,  I became suspicious, and said I would rather donate directly to the FOP. He hung up.

    13. Jewel says:

      Didn't answer. Call came from Delaware. Strange how many people are getting called from this number today

    14. Aldo says:

      When I answered the phone the woman identified herself as calling for the Barack Obama campaign for change. She asked for me by name. Incidentally, this is the 3rd phone call I've received from them.

    15. Rocco says:

      my daughter has received 9 texts from this number. she replied 4 times trying to explain that they had the wrong number. most recent responses from this number have been "na, I'm sexy and I know it" and have included a picture. We're no where NEAR Rome, NY, nor do we know anyone who lives there...