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    1. Carmen says:

      Called my personal cell looking for the owner of a business I used to work for. Would not identify himself. Probably a collection agency.

    2. Marquis says:

      This is verizon billing due to your phone being overdue.

    3. Drew says:

      end soup bait and switch

    4. Monte says:

      I keep getting calls from this number at diferent times of the day is driving me crazy

    5. Sammy says:

      This call indeed is from FrontSight Firearms Training Center of Pahrump, NV--only its out of their Los Angeles CA affiliate marketing center - promoting specials.

    6. Ellsworth says:

      these numbers are usually used by VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol services such as Skype and are virtually impossible to trace as the calls are actually orginating from an IP address, then being converted to a sort of phone number.  So in till there are law requiring companies like Skype to force users infomation to be transimitted to call ID, I'm afriad we will just have to live with it.

    7. Bennett says:

      Hi Everybody, Even i got a call today. It scared hell out of me. I was lucky enough to involve my employer in this and they tackled it down. The guy was not at all ready to let me drop the phone call. He kept me on online for more than 2 hrs. I gave him my pass port details nd I94. I was lucky ...

    8. Lewis says:

      Wouldn't leave a message...

    9. Tyson says:

      Got this message twice from 2 different numbers.  This is a phishing number.  Tell everyone you know this sounds like a scam.  Delet any messages from them.  Ridiculos.

    10. Paul says:

      Said they were from card services and wanted to tell me I was eligible to lower my interest rates. When I asked what company they said Card Services and asked again and they hung up on me. Called back and it was busy.

    11. Darius says:

      do. nt except call r text

    12. Kendall says:

      I just got a call again yesterday from this number - left no message , of course - there are elections coming up next month, in both Winnipeg and in Manitoba so  telephoning campaigns are probably going to step up.  (lucky us).

    13. Doug says:

      leave me alone mental bipolar woman beater

    14. Ariel says:

      Just received this phone call from this number, after reading the comments about this I see that it is Comcast calling for no god damned reason.

    15. Ellsworth says:

      I love that, "Just answer their questions - they'll leave you alone" regarding unsolicited question from a government entity.  Sorry, comrade, I have the right to say "p****off" and they should leave me alone.