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  • 541-608-7505
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  • 541-608-7509
  • 541-608-7510
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  • 541-608-7518
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    1. Porfirio says:

      Thank you. Unfortunately, I am one who got caught up. The dispute is within my bank and it looks like I may have to pay because I authorized it.  I'm not going to sweat it. Live and learn is the old saying.  I'll tell you this, they won't get me again.  Oh BTW, I called Ms. Kaylan and told her she's lucky I can't get to her because if I could, her a-- would be grass! I also told her that the same thing she's doing to others, someone is going to do to her and her mother!!

    2. Jefferey says:

      one call= didnt say anythingfew texts asking if "i was down for a booty call"

    3. Allen says:

      tried to scam me too.Same story as all of you guys

    4. Galen says:

      I just got a call from this number, but there was no one on the other line.

    5. Jed says:

      callong for yhe wrong ppl

    6. Ronald says:

      Pls stop calling we do not need no problem with it wife

    7. Bradley says:

      Number assigned by www.textplus.com. Available app from Apple.

    8. Jeremiah says:

      Caller Id: 1-141-445-5703 shows unknown caller. No wonder. North American Numbering Plan Administrator: This area code does not exist. So how did it show up on my caller id? I think fraudsters are playing games with the ATT phone system.

    9. Dudley says:

      This number belongs to LTD Financial Services, a debt collection agency.

    10. Lucius says:

      Ok people.  They are a total scam.. They called me last month from a different number.  I must have called them back 4-5 times telling them that I wanted to know the "charges" against me and to have them fax them over so I could have any Attorney look over them and see what could be done to solve the matter.  They refused to give me anything and said I would be going to "Jail" in the morning.  Needless to say, that did not happen of course!  I also told them at that time that I had contacted the FBI and the California State Attorney Generals Office.  The calls then stopped that day.  They have called me 3 times so far this morning.  I have already reported it to my local police department.  I also called the Lake Tahoe, CA  Police too.  They informed me that I needed to make a report with local law enforcement and that the local police will contact them.  I think we should all make some type of group effort to put these people out of business.  What they are doing to us all is not only ILLEGAL, but immoral too!  From some of the post I have read, some of you are really scared.  Don't be.  You can always contact your bank to make sure that you do not have any unauthorized charges.  I went as far as closing my account and getting a new account number.  Which gives me peace of mind.  We should all start calling them at the same time and let them know we are not going to be intimidated by them.  Demand they fax us LEGAL paperwork and so on!!

    11. Jamal says:

      Pocatello cell phone. Belongs to very beautiful woman named Crystal.

    12. Hubert says:

      Call them back repeatedly!! Tie up their phone lines!

    13. Carlton says:

      This number calls often...no clue..called back once.I asked why they were calling they hung up on me...

    14. Rey says:

      I was talking to someone on IM chat for dating service. Is this number legitiment?

    15. Jimmie says:

      Keeps calling me without leaving a message, and when I try to call there's only music playing