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    1. Maria says:

      I hung up after they asked for social

    2. Archie says:

      Add in a newspaper. Truck for sale.

    3. Luke says:

      Hate when they keep call when told them not its making me very mad

    4. Graham says:

      This company has been out of business for a couple of years now. I would just move on and learn from your experience.

    5. Trey says:

      +13479277195: You have been randomly selected for a $1000 BestBuy Card. Get your prize now at www.bestbuy.com.bestwinners1.org/?id=plrklklkrl 4:48 PM....Bull HOCKEY..!

    6. Irvin says:

      I get a call at least once a day, sometimes more. They have also called in the past. I always ignore the call. The best thing to do is report them to Do Not Call List.

    7. Herman says:

      I recieved a phone call to reply to this number with a western union for Kirk brown For 650.00 for shipping on my new white mercedes and 5.5 million dollars this is bogus do not call crap!!!!!!!

    8. Lloyd says:

      I rcvd a etxt from this person - I do not know who he/she is or how they got my number...

    9. Percy says:

      If you call the number back there is a answering machine that states that the person at this extension is not available,please leave your name and number for them to return your call ,if you press the # sign for more options,you get disconnected

    10. Frankie says:

      They call me 3-5 times a day. Political Crap. I have done everything I can to stop it. They do not remove you no matter how many times I ask!

    11. Kristopher says:

      A spam call same as those commercials trying to get you to refinance.As information, one of the laws passed by Congress is designed to help home owners refinance abusively high mortgages. It has nothing to do with the President besides being passed during his administration. The spammer is just using his name.

    12. Carlo says:

      i received three calls from this number yesterday, november 11, 2010 ialso was told about a package that i have to be deliver, i live in new york and i do not have order any package from michigan.

    13. Bob says:

      Calls my cell threatening to send the cops to my home and job. Has an accent that i cant under stand. Saying i have charges filed against me. Very stupid.

    14. Geoffrey says:

      Same here,got a text with LOL lol followed by a bitly link with my name in it--- didn't go to link on my phone but checked to verify on my laptop, and sure enough, the link led to a malware infected page according to my anti-virus.  

    15. Jesse says:

      Same M.O. as above. Asked me about a survey I never took and then offered to help me find job opportunities in my area.  Bummer of it is that the call was on my cell which up to this time has has been (blessedly) free of calls like this one. I'm also in the Seattle area.