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    1. Kennith says:

      They have called my phone 3 times in the last two days.  They said that I'm "preapproved" for $2500.  I said that I wasn't interested and then he asked, "Well why?"  I said that wasn't any of your business.  These calls need to stop cause this isn't the only number that calls me constantly!

    2. Fred says:

      They call daily trying to give me a credit card with a $9500 dollar limit telling me that I only have to pay $89 to get started but they won't tell me why I have to pay that this makes is spam don't answer the call

    3. Pete says:

      Got a call on my cell from this number at around 11:00 AM Eastern. Didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer. They didn't leave a voice mail, either. My phone says that the called originates from Beverly Hills, CA.

    4. Damion says:

      Repeated calls regarding getting a credit card. Unrelentless calls.

    5. Clifton says:

      They ask you to verify information but will not tell you who they are or who they are verifying it for. Very suspicious.

    6. Carmelo says:

      I dont recognise this number coming to me.

    7. Mohammed says:

      got a text message just before 4:30am central. just said "hey." I dont know anyone in denver!

    8. Laverne says:

      THIS IS MY B.F.F.L.A.S.O.A.S.F.!!!!!!!!!

    9. Henry says:

      I received a phone call from this number on several occasions,always goes to Caller ID and no message is left. Tonight (6/25/2010) I was sitting close enough to the phone that I was able to grab it before the  caller was able to hang up. He started confirming my address and email address and then began asking for contributions or donations. I told him I was on 100% Social Security DisabilityIncome and was no longer able to travel to the city. As he persisted, I simply told him to send me something in the mail and I would respond. C'mon, stop this non-sense

    10. Harry says:

      Me:What company are you with? Him:The company "windows"Me: click

    11. Travis says:


    12. Gary says:

      The call was from Town Sports International (NYSC, WSC, BSC, PSC) trying to sell Small Group Training packages.

    13. Michael says:

      No #, no ID, click, click, em.

    14. Wes says:

      I got the call from this number today some times and I do not know who or what company. I did not answer the phone. These days some people are crazy when they make such phone calls to harass the other people. May be this a a scam number try to get some information about us.

    15. Damon says:

      Call is costing me money-cell phone charge.............................