540-428 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 540-428-2449
  • 540-428-2450
  • 540-428-2451
  • 540-428-2452
  • 540-428-2453
  • 540-428-2454
  • 540-428-2455
  • 540-428-2456
  • 540-428-2457
  • 540-428-2458
  • 540-428-2459
  • 540-428-2460
  • 540-428-2461
  • 540-428-2462
  • 540-428-2463
  • 540-428-2464
  • 540-428-2465
  • 540-428-2466
  • 540-428-2467
  • 540-428-2468
  • 540-428-2469
  • 540-428-2470
  • 540-428-2471
  • 540-428-2472
  • 540-428-2473
  • 540-428-2474
  • 540-428-2475
  • 540-428-2476
  • 540-428-2477
  • 540-428-2478
  • 540-428-2479

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    1. Lucien says:

      Not sure. Calls often without a message.

    2. Ed says:

      Called several times i say hello? they say u ah speaka de english i say yes stop calling my ¡°€«%%»~ phone good enough english for you! They hangup and no calla back

    3. Kirby says:


    4. Amado says:

      yep twice today/called back/failed call/try again?

    5. Rueben says:

      The person hidden behind this phone number is a criminal and violating restraining orders.

    6. Dwayne says:

      They just keep calling and not say anything

    7. Merlin says:

      Unidentified caller on caller ID. No message left. I did not pick up. Baton Rouge number I don't recognize. Suspect spam.

    8. Ezra says:

      Some telemarketer, can't understand his accent & he can't understand me either!

    9. Matthew says:

      Called my cell twice today; left no messages.

    10. Nathanael says:

      called me a couple of times..i didn't pick up but called back -phone didn't even ring...weird

    11. Virgilio says:

      they called me three times today it was some indian man when i called back and told him not to call my house again he told me not to call him again and he hung up. so i called him again and told his a** off. and i wish he would come to my house i got something for that A**.

    12. Jose says:

      I dont know way they keep texts me

    13. Brooks says:

      Thank you for the post. they just called me to I guess confirm my attendance and now I know better.  I'll stay home with the wife and kids!!!

    14. Franklyn says:

      I received a hard to understand message from a man saying his name was "Chris Brown". When I called them, I said I was returning Mr. Brown's phone call. He never came on the line, just a woman. When I asked her the reason for the phone call, she immediately asked for my Social Security Number! I told her (in a firm, but nice way) "I am NOT giving you my SS number"! She rudely replied that my attorney could handle the matter in court and HUNG UP ON ME! I am now waiting on them (11 minutes so far...) I have been on hold.....someone picked up, asked me if I was a Pam M...I said I was not, gave my name again, and asked to speak with a manager so that I could find out why they were calling.....15 minutes, and still holding....

    15. Shawn says:

      block texts and phone calls