530-987 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Tuan says:

      Fcc FTC and Do not Call does NOTHING I have no idea why they are salaried employees to do nothing I want that job!  I Dont answer any calls that I dont recognize the number i KNOW its ALL the same BS - RACHEL company.  They must get off on rejection- at first I kept saying DONT call me - NO interest- then said OK and played their game I knew they require debt of 8,000 or more I said sure I have that debt let me go and get my credit cards they are downstairs- I put him on hold and never came back to the phone- THEY STILL called even after I played their games!!  I told one guy I have NO DEBT- yet still get the calls so now I just wont answer the cell (thats the number they have-I dont have a landline)

    2. Bryant says:

      Keeps calling and not speaking. have no idea who it is

    3. Stephen says:

      Free Google marketing campaign

    4. Lamont says:

      This is a fraudulent attempt to steal your credit card number. Do not fall for this!

    5. Harland says:

      This is a timeshare sales company.  One of the highest charging.

    6. Stewart says:

      Wants to loan me money. SPAM

    7. Orlando says:

      They call my cell once a day, leave no message, won't speak. **** ***!!!

    8. Ted says:

      Harrasment call do not know WHO it Is.

    9. Kieth says:

      I just got a call from that number,didn't answer no voice mail was left. I blocked numbe rfor future,Buffalo Grove, IL

    10. Van says:

      called my home phone. didn't leave message

    11. Paris says:

      I keep getting a call from this number starting today. And when I call back it just says, please hold while we transfer you to the caller. I don't know. this is really bizarre

    12. Alan says:

      This is a company trying to give you information to go back to school....been there,degree+degree

    13. Jame says:

      A lady Called today, said that she had two clients interested in my 5th wheel trailer. If I could pay 299.00 to move my add to her website, the clients would contact me directly. I had a 90 day guarantee that I could get my money back if I did not sell my trailer through her website.

    14. Noble says:

      These people are trying to get in my P>C.,they claim that they are from Micro Soft Maintenance co.

    15. Tim says:

      Get SMS saying " I'm looking good, did you check my picture..."