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    1. Marty says:

      Collections..wrong number

    2. Micheal says:

      They said it was an important message for Elizabeth Kuhlenberg. She doesn't have this phone and I don't know her.

    3. Garland says:

      The called and hung up 8 times between 3:30 am and 4:00 am

    4. Gerard says:

      Caller told me her name was Veronica Medina, an "authorized representative of Qwest Corporation," which I seriously doubt. She asked for the person (in our office) who handles the telephone account, and then for the office manager. I claimed to be neither because I didn't want to give her any information. I have had these kinds of calls before. They claim they can save you money on your long distance charges, then tack on an extra $20 to your telephone bill each month.

    5. Mose says:

      My husband got this call on his cell phone from a guy with a very thick asian accent (not Filipino or Indian) telling him that he won a grant from the US govt and the only thing he has to do is to go to a Western Union office and sent the govt a deposit which refundable then wait there for a little bit and they will return the deposit with his grant money. I asked the guy if he is an IDIOT because I did not apply for any grant and if the govt wants to give me money they will send me acheck! He said it is not a scam, so I said I wll call the police and you can explain that to them and he hanged up.

    6. Alphonso says:

      Home security co advertising for free system if they could test on my house.

    7. Preston says:

      I think this phone belongs to a deadbeat dad, yet I'm almost positive

    8. Carmine says:

      just got a call on my work cell phone (a number that I rarely even give out.) No message, can't return the call.

    9. Arlie says:

      Nothing try to call back an no ring just said goodbye

    10. Donnell says:

      The same people use 913-428-7426

    11. Terry says:

      Call for an ex-roomie that hasn't been here for 7 years, when I asked who was calling he said I can't tell you that and said he will update his records

    12. Bradley says:

      sent my cell a text that just said "hi" with a smiley

    13. Eusebio says:

      EmF3SN <a href="http://hnprmkixtdkr.com/">hnprmkixtdkr</a>

    14. Bob says:

      This is a harassing number

    15. Hilton says:

      I could win a free ipad 3