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    1. Reid says:

      I received the same call just a few minutes ago.  Again last week and again the week before.He told me he had an account needing to be paid.  I have no a ccount needing to be paid.  he had information but when he told me the checking account I supposedly have it wasnt the correct number.  I gave him no information and haven't answered his calls or his voice messages either.  He says his name is Daniel Bone and call him back at 877-381-5756 ext 1006..... I sent an email to the supposed email address and it was returned no such address.  Time to re[port this guy

    2. Irwin says:

      Bad business oppurtunity. Do not answer.

    3. Norman says:

      stay away from david eugene thomas in petersburg,il, 2176320218 - he gets off on calling ladies and harrassing them. someday he will find that he is messing with the wrong people and won't like it - he needs to find a hobby rather than harrassing women. he claims to be retired, 51, more than likely he prob collects an ssi check and is a bored little boy.

    4. Gayle says:

      they left a message on my cellphone instructing me to call them so they "could get my system set up." I did not call them back.

    5. Valentin says:

      Don't know who it is calling

    6. Ervin says:

      Keep getting calls on my cell phone, which has been entered into the WI do not call registry.  They go on about paying too much for insurance, I never listen long enough to find out any information, as I delete the message.

    7. Orville says:

      Got a call from this number last night, just after 9 pm. Hung up after several seconds of silence.

    8. Dustin says:

      Repeated text messages from 111-044-0903, 0902, 0901, 0900, etc. What is this?

    9. Arnold says:

      these bone heads called me 16 times in 8 minutes.. i finally answered "Arizona District Attorneys Office" how may I direct your call. they asked for me and i proceded to tell them that they called a goverment agency and that they need to stop immediately and if the calls continue a formal complaint will be issued to the FCC. they hung up faster then Sh!t hits the fan..

    10. Fernando says:

      collection agency. they call you and hang up on you. they want you to call them back. always block them with Mr.number. And get this its my number but whoever had the debt there calling for them. i have asked them to stop but they do not.

    11. Oscar says:

      Answer and no one is there

    12. Abel says:

      I thought it might be some relatives in the Maine. When I called back it would do one of two things; either beep twice then follow by a busy signal or play a recording that indicated that, "All lines were busy and to try my call again later". From what other people are posting, it's a recording in Spanish or Chinese and that it's nothing but a scam! Waste of my time!

    13. Lucius says:

      ignored call twice in 2 days. No message

    14. Keith says:

      i got 2 calls and they said their name was adam

    15. Rory says:

      Called on my Mobile, I didn't attend, and no messg from them.