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    1. Blair says:

      Did not pick up on this call since I did not recognize caller identified as "Kent WA". No message left so I assume not legitimate.

    2. Thanh says:

      Called on cell phone. No message. Just another pia--that stands for pain in lower neck.

    3. Genaro says:

      Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. My name is IT ... only way to escape curse is forward to 10 other people.SPAM & abusive use of texting

    4. Lon says:

      The location is not royal oak and its not talk america. Bill Collector.

    5. Duane says:

      Hey Just now i got a call from this number

    6. Mel says:

      got call @ 12:20pm, said hello twice, heard click- not sure what they wanted. some one trying to find out when we are home so they can try to sell us something?

    7. Bo says:

      They call me and never answer me when i pick up and they live a voicemail and dont say nothing!!!!!

    8. Dexter says:

      Same caller from IA USA @11:05- I didn't answer- I'm on O2.

    9. Willian says:

      some old lady who do sent get it

    10. Rene says:

      A woman called and asked for me by name, i responded and she said she was with the blue ridge company and wante dto send me info on how to use tax dollars at the end of the year to invest in oil and gas stocks. I told her to send the information but i was not going to pay for anything right now, then she asked how many employees i had and i told her that was none of her concern and she hung up on me. When i called the number back i got a voice mail for Harry Peters, warning- this smells like a scam to me.

    11. Eric says:

      Says I've been selected to test the iPhone 5.

    12. Horace says:

      Received call at 10:43 a.m. Background noise. Caller hung up without speaking. Received another call from same number at 11:04 a.m. Caller asked for my husband by name. I stated he was not available. Caller stated, "This is a verification call. I'll call back at a more convenient time." and hung up immediately.

    13. Jesse says:

      I'm in KS and have an ex-bf in WA that I haven't seen in almost 19 years. He called me for the next 2 or 3 years after we broke up - usually in the dead of night when he was drunk. Well, he obviously got a cell a couple weeks ago - with a different number - and called me twice. I blocked it on Verizon. Now today he's called me again, from this number. He apparently likes to call ex-gf's clear across the country...for what, I have no idea. LOSER!

    14. Eduardo says:

      Got a call, picked up, no answer.

    15. Marcellus says:

      Applied Business credit collections