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    1. Antwan says:

      This company has been calling telling me that i owe some kind of debt, and that either I or my attorney better call them.  They say that if i dont call them, I'm going to be contacted by the courts and incarcerated. I went through this before, It was the same kind. The people who call are from another country but yet have american names..they usually used famous people names. The last time they contacted me I told them that I was on to their Scam, and that they were already being investigated..they hung up on me and never call me again..until now..Do not give these people money, tell them you want something in writting or tell them you know its a scam and they quit calling.

    2. Lonnie says:

      I blocked this number before

    3. Fausto says:

      This person called my daughter and stated that they were on their way to arrest her at her house because of some bill she owed and never responded to.  They would never identify the company who the money was owed to and then wanted me to pay money today to stop the process.  I told them they were full of it and this was totally illegal just the fact they answered the phone with hello told me something was wrong.  Then they tried to threaten me and told me the call was being monitored by the federal goverrnent and since my daughter gave me permission to handle the call I was now the responsible one.  I asked them why are they calling now when they  should have called before it got to this point.  THey said they tried to reach by email and there was no response.  I told them emails change daily you should have contacted by mail or phone.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  He now has me on hold for what I have no idea.  I would like to find out who these people are and have them prosecuted.

    4. Prince says:

      Some weight loss crapola...they claim I didn't complete am order. Lol...I never placed an order.

    5. Von says:

      Muliple calls all throughout the day each day for the past week. I answer and there is nothing on the other line. I call the number and it says it is unavailable

    6. Cesar says:

      They are from a collectors office

    7. Freddy says:

      I want block dis number for cell me

    8. Randall says:

      They called my home phone yesterday afternoon...I was not home..they did not leave a message. However all of this type of phone calls is really un-nerving!!!

    9. Isaiah says:

      They have been calling constantly

    10. Percy says:

      Every year I call and submit to the DO NOT CALL list , I receive calls from Card Services and countless others.

    11. Willis says:

      Called from automated machine saying stay on hold for source RN

    12. Kenneth says:

      Am attending on of their "seminars" tonight and hope to have some fun with them.  I didn't just fall off the turnip truck!!!!  Will post results  later.

    13. Johnathan says:

      This TRAMP IVORY 305-619-0503 is using Fake Pictures of me---> Angela Haze FAKE FAKE FAKE ALERT You can see they are my pictures from my website URHAZE(dot)com

    14. Mikel says:

      Spam just dam dum people who want answer you when you say hello

    15. Gregg says:

      I am not kimberley harris