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    1. Dylan says:

      What can I do to keep these people from annoying us. Calls more than two times daily.

    2. Nolan says:

      recorded message about lowering credit card interest.

    3. Olen says:

      I also received 4 calls in the last 2 weeks ,yes , they never leave a message. The last phone call it was before 8 AM which is illegal if it is a debt collector.I was pissed off because I was at work and I picked up,saying nothing ,just listen and nobody was talking , and then it was hung up. I called immediately back to ask why they harassing people in this way and it was robot voice stating that is a debt collector and to wait to speak with an agent but after that message just disconnected, and that it .Jerks....I don't have any debt ,nothing , and my cell phone is private......how they can harassing innocent people like that . I wished to speak with someone from that company and to sue them !!!!!

    4. Gerald says:

      Has anyone else have them tell them they were sending something to their employer?  That is what they told me today.

    5. Lucio says:

      said his name was Henry and that someone gave him my name

    6. Modesto says:

      Crazy people threating me ythere lucky that I'm on po

    7. Lincoln says:

      Called again his morning, let it go to voice mail, they actually didn't hang up there phone but no message just talking in the background, maybe the operator fell asleep.  Tried to call back again and it said, number cannot be called as dialed.  It's not right they can call you but you can't call the number back and tell them to leave you alone.

    8. Myles says:

      Who n why, message would be nice !!

    9. Claude says:

      To get a college education and I never filled out any information for them to call me and I didn't know how they got my phone.

    10. Bennie says:

      Do not send fax and waste paper.

    11. Claude says:

      Recorded telemarketing SPAM

    12. Orville says:

      I got a text and they asked, "who is this?"

    13. Rigoberto says:

      PERVERT!!!! Keep harassing!!!!!

    14. Emory says:

      This person called my cell phone (Jacksonville FL). Didn't leave a message. I don't know anyone in Indiana so I assumed it was an unwanted solicitation but this report show it's an individual. Maybe a wrong number, maybe an attempt at a scam.

    15. Val says:

      Got a call on 10/28/2010.  Very tempting to call the recorded voice of Bill back about the Lincoln Navagator.  Probably the scam reported out of Costa Rica,  Criminals.  But they are still calling so beware.