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    1. Alvin says:

      I received the same message today 3 times. Sep. 24th

    2. Eugenio says:

      We get calls almost every morning around10am,*no message is left,*the caller just hangs up!

    3. Alonzo says:

      Received text from (917) number says "UnitedCommunityB KHUK alert. Please call (253) 243-3193. This is definitely a scam, didn't call.

    4. Bryon says:

      Number came up as "Unassigned" on my Caller ID.  No message left.  I called it and got a recording about a car warranty.

    5. Donnie says:

      Same here, word for word.  I have contacted the BBB, filed a complaint, the FBI and every other I could think of.  It may just be $500, but you can bet I will not let them get away with this.  I will personally find Chris Ricigliano and go to his house if I have to to collect my money back.

    6. Emmanuel says:

      they call you and hang up on you

    7. Robin says:

      I got a call from 207-869-0165 saying I won something for a drawing I entered last year, the message was very muffled I believe it is a scam since I havent entered any contest.

    8. Basil says:

      Got call 11/1/11 3:20PM recording voice said this is Malcom and do prerecorded calls drive you crazy don't hang up I'll tell you how you ...... then I hung up.

    9. Bart says:

      Yes, they called me over and over again last night through out the night. They wouldn't leave me alone. I told them to stop calling me and they did, but thenm they started to text me. They are still texting me today.

    10. Charles says:

      I got a call from this number 262-995-9008 and I press 2. I called the same number and got a recording that stated the number is no long is service and this is a recording.

    11. Shannon says:

      "Cardmember Sercices

    12. Erin says:

      solicitation..to lower credit card

    13. Raleigh says:

      Had a guy named Rocky call me from 567-248-4400 and when I politely said I wasn't interested he started calling me names and telling me I was a stupid stripper and all kinds of obsene words, told him I was going to report him for harassment he said he was going to call me every single day to harass me!  I am sick of these people calling me every day 2-3 times a day, anybody know how to get ahold of someone at the company to report this person?

    14. Luigi says:

      crazy psycho. don't know who they are. will file police report if calls and emails continue

    15. Kennith says:

      I got two calls from this number today. The caller ID gave Unknown Name first, then it gave Colorado the second time. Smells phishy to me.