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    1. Abram says:

      It does absolutely nothing on my phone but give me report of expected spam, dm if u ask me

    2. Ezequiel says:

      i dont want u in my life....cant u respect that>?

    3. Thad says:

      someone on my family plan did

    4. Glenn says:

      I get a call from this number every day. I don't answer. The caller doesn't leave a message. Caller ID says "Unavailable."

    5. Devon says:

      6 texts asking me how i was doning, but cant figure out who it is

    6. Stephen says:

      Received call with no voice message.  Caller ID says "Lodi".

    7. Hal says:

      someone saying I won a gift card

    8. Salvador says:

      Same - no message left.  Number doesn't work when dialing back.

    9. Geraldo says:

      Receiving calls from this number.  Never a message...always hangs up.  Does anyone know how to end this?

    10. Donovan says:

      I was called on 10-23-10 by a person claiming that I had a lawsuit filed against me by Quickcash.  I was told that if I did not make payment today I would be taken to court.  I do have an account with Quickcash. I made a payment but then didn't feel right about the call so called the Quickcash office and they told that they had not authorized this. I then called the person back and told them that I was not authorizing payment and that if they did my bank would prosecute.  He quickly told me that they would not process my card and that I did not need to call my bank which I will do anyway. I told them I knew it was a scam and that I was going to report them. He said again that they would not and hung up. If they try to process, I will contact you again.

    11. Jamel says:

      m also on the DO NOT CALL list. How did they get all my numbers in the first place?

    12. Stephen says:

      Chicago futures trading co.

    13. Basil says:

      called twice today, no voice mail left.

    14. Booker says:

      I am receiving calls from this number  310-237-6613, and am a little discouraged since I am on the do not call list.  Please do not call my number anymore.

    15. Terrell says:

      Constantly txting about things I'm not interested in. I really want for it to stop