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    1. Oscar says:

      They call every day about insurance. It's a recording. Very annoying.

    2. Coy says:

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    3. Walton says:

      I had this company to call me from 661-208-3140 and on my caller ID it says the name was "Diabetes Survey". I had 2 different companies to call me which I believe that they were connected together. They told me if I did this survey online that I would recieve a free cruise. So I took the survey and they ask me for my email address and name and they stated that I needed to check my email to confirm what I have won and after I do that that someone will be in touch with me with a few days (which it took about a week). When the company finally got in touch with me, I was connected with a woman whom to me seemed very rude, because she said that I had to pay the taxes for the trip and I told her that I did not have it at this time. She then said that either you have it or you don't because we have other people that is waiting for us to call them that would be glad to take my place. So I hung up, because I felt like I was being disrespected and that she could of said it in a different way. They still call me, but I do not pick up my phone. I wonder if they are a scam.... but I know one thing that if I had to get talked to like that (even if I had the money at the time) she would not have gotten one coin from me.

    4. Tobias says:

      i just received 17 text messages in the matter of 2 minutes from this 'number/person'.

    5. Kory says:

      This unknown number called my cell a few minutes ago and did not leave a message. Very rude, calling while I'm in the library.

    6. Claude says:

      Hey man thanks for waking me up

    7. Otha says:

      a partial recorded message from a man with a stern, mean voice, said call back.  The heck I will.

    8. Giuseppe says:

      calls me at least 4 times a day.no message

    9. Merlin says:

      please do not call no more.

    10. Mckinley says:

      My call was from Hayward Nissan. It was for a special on an oil change

    11. Frances says:

      Got an UNWANTED text from this company: "Do you need some money this week?

    12. Tracy says:

      This is the email I received and seems to mirror people above.  They have all of my personal information and have been harassing me for 3 years now.  I will be contacting my lawyers and getting this taken care of.  These people must stop.

    13. Arthur says:

      Said something about a free ipad.. Obviously spam

    14. Jessie says:

      I have received multiple calls from this number. They don't leave a message.  If you answer then there is dead air and finally a disconnect.

    15. Frederick says:

      Not a known number to me.